Blackfish: Should killer whales be kept in captivity at zoos and SeaWorld?

  • Does it matter

    I don't know how to word my argument without sounding like a ridiculously bigoted animal-hater. But I will say this: as far as animal abuse goes, keeping killer whales at sea world is no worse than keeping hamsters or gerbils in a cage. That in itself doesn't justify it, I realize. I think that short of torturing and mutilating animals and being disgusting to them in general, we should be allowed to do whatever we want with animals. It is not like the animals are going to stop us.

  • Shame should stay

    Yes, because none of the whales they hold are wild born. The whales have all been born in captivity! Seaworld has existed so long, maybe only one or two old whales were wild borne. All the whales now rely on humans to feed them. Why kill them by bringing them into the wild? What use would that do? And besides, Seaworld makes profit off of them. Why ruin both innocent whales' lives and destroy Sea World along with it?

  • Of course they should....

    This question is begging for a sarcastic reply. In fact, this question is downright ripe for a brutal, merciless, sarcastic kick in the furry business.
    "Should Killer Whales be kept in captivity at zoos and SeaWorld? "


    "Of course they should. Where else would we keep them captive? "

  • Harming instead of helping

    Now before I begin please let me note that I am not for abusing or neglecting animals in anyway shape or form.

    Reasons why killer whales in captivity should not be released:
    -these animals have grown up and have become accustomed to being hand-feed, if you release them how will they find food?
    -there is no guarantee that the orcas original pod will be located
    -these animals are abused in any way, they are feed every single day no matter what happens. If an animal does the wrong behavior it gets food, if an animal does the right behavior they get food. None of these animals are deprived of food.
    -Blackfish is just another organization
    ( or whatever they call it)
    because they are jealous the the fame and money SeaWorld gets and they want attention from the media and money.

    People need to get their facts together and not jump to the answer everyone else is jumping to.

  • Blackfish lies! Don't believe them

    In the film blackfish they use many actors that are not actually the real person or peoples even a "former killer whale trainer" they interviewed never even interacted with killer whales. Keeping killer whales at sea world is no worse than keeping hamsters or gerbils in a cage. That in itself doesn't justify it, I realize.

  • Let's Think About This

    Yes, captivity isn't the best thing in the world. Yes, keeping an animal from its natural habitat isn't the best option in the world. And yes, accidents do happen when animals are held in captivity. However, let us not forget the benefits keeping animals has for us AND the animals themselves. These animals are not treated terribly, they are given much care by zoos and SeaWorld. At the same time, many of these animals are either rescued or the descendants of rescued animals, who may have died out in the wild had they been left alone or had been released after becoming accustomed to human care. Let us not forget that these animals also provide much needed information about their species to humanity. They allow us to readily research such creatures and by researching these animals, we can find out how to better treat them and their brethren in the wild (i.E. Medically). The growth of human knowledge about such marine creatures allows us to know more about them; hence, we are more capable of helping them.

  • Let's look at the facts

    SeaWorld is depicted in BlackFish to be this money-grubbing company that's is decieving thier trainers. But it is really? Remember that one guy who was the ONLY person who was with Sea World? He later claimed that Black Fish deceived him, making him think that both sides were going to be addressed, when in actuality, it only addressed one side. Remember when it showed the man with the bloody face? He wasn't attacked by a killed whale. He, according to a RECENT Sea World trainer, didn't get attacked by a killer whale, but what were we to assume? He also claimed that 85% of Black Fish was FALSE. And that the whole documentary was 1) based off of stories from Sea World trainers from 10-20 years ago, and 2) was based off a way a thinking that was right 10-20 years ago. Sea World admitted that and recognized it was wrong, but says that 100% of all whales today that are held in captivity are born at Sea World, and only 0.1% of ALL killer whales are held in captivity. May I also bring up a point from another message that they would not be able to live if they were let out into the wild. Imagine throwing a house cat into a jungle. It wouldn't know how to function since it's been fed and cared for all it's life. It would die quicker than if it was still "held in captivity" per say. I just wanted to get that off my chest. NOTE: This is my opinion, please don't yell at me. It's called the 1st Amendment.

  • We should think

    Scientific Orca research may have proved that it is posible that the Orca's intelligence may me superior to human kind. After all, all the attacks may be by their treatment or a bad feeling. Besides, they now need us to help them grow, because some of them in captivity where born there. Like Tilikum, that is worth more than 10 million dollars, is very important to the Owners of SeaWorld. If they released him, it would be like 10 million dollars swimming away. Nobody can make those decisions that easy.

  • If you only watched the movie, your argument is invalid.

    Not only have I been an animal trainer for 7 years but I have worked at Seaworld, Busch Gardens, private facilities, sanctuaries, and participated in two research projects on the anthropomorphism on cetaceans. Seaworld has donated 10 millon dollars to conservation through their own started fund from 2004 and every single penny goes to global and local charities that are using the money to help animals. A lot of the information in Blackfish is false and even a "former killer whale trainer" they interviewed never even interacted with killer whales. Why? She was a sea lion trainer! The other male trainer was determined in the 1980's. Seaworld has killer whales that are almost close to 50 years old and there is no way to prove the killer whales they state are 100 years old in the wild are even that old. Why? Because we've only been studying killer whales for 50 years! On top of that, what percentage of humans or any other animal will live to be such a huge lifespan? 1 or 2 percent? The same goes for killer whales and it really has to do with the area they live in. Most of the stuff we know about killer whales we would of never learned from wild ones because you just can't study them like you could in a controlled environment. For the longest time scientists agreed that the gestation period for an orca was 12 months but only through natural breeding in a captive setting did we realize we are totally wrong, it's 17 months! If you don't understand animals, how zoos and Seaworld help animals in the wild, and you only watched a completely false movie that dishonors the death of a wonderful woman than you're opinion is invalid. Stop relating human emotions to these whales and many other animals. IT'S HURTING THEM MORE THAN YOU THINK IT IS. Stop the madness that is trying to "free" these whales because that would kill them. But do people realize this? No, because all they care about is these fake justice system and propaganda hype. Actually look at the other side of the story before you decide that the 21,000 employees at Seaworld are evil villains - you think they would be working there if they really thought Seaworld was hurting their animals? No one lies to them, no one hides anything and Seaworld is an amazing company. Why not try to worry about overfishing or pollution that is killing the wild killer whale population now?

  • Standing with Seaworld.

    6/7 of the Orcas at the Orlando branch of Seaworld are bred in captivity and the one that isn't was captured over 30 years ago and everyone is misinformed about this, but he's only killed one person. Only a couple other zoos/aquariums have killer whales and most definitely do not get the 5 star treatment they get at Seaworld with all the restaurant quality fish they can eat (which is quite a lot) and constant love and attention.

  • Wrong on many levels

    To keep orcas in a zoo for display is acceptable, but it is morally unacceptable to use them for entertainment at SeaWorld. I saw the film Blackfish and now, I resent SeaWorld. They care more about profit than animal welfare. Keeping these sentient animals in captivity for an extended period of time causes them severe psychological damage, as evidenced by several killer whale attacks on trainers.

  • It's not humane

    Unless said whale is injured and must be rehabilitated there is no reason to keep such active animals in oversized glass jars. There are not habitats big enough, realistic enough or stimulating enough to be a life long substitute for a healthy whale that is capable of living on its own.

  • To respect any wile animals and care about their feeling.

    Animals have their own mind and feeling, they shouldn't trap into a little area especially whales, these high intelligent mammals shouldn't kept into a little place. Also wheals should belong to ocean, they have their own habitat and their own life, Not belong to seaworld. If they really attack people, isn't their false, since they are hunter in the sea, not human's pet. They have their wild nature, they will hunt animals, we shouldn't be selfish to kept them for our fun and to impair their freedom.

  • It is not unfair to orcas

    Killer whales should not be kept in tiny pools. About as long as a human. Also, sea world takes the baby whales and takes them away from their moms when they capture the whales. It is not like having animals live in a zoo, because some animals can survive in habitats that are smaller than normal. I'd also like to state that in the wild killer whales travel in pods their entire life and when a mother gives birth to a baby calf, it never leaves its mothers side. Orcas being in pods are used to having certain whales around them. When you bring in five different orcas from five different locations, there is going to be conflict. There are severe injuries done to the whales by the other whales who are held in captivity with them, some so fatal they can result in death.

  • It's Morally Irresponsible

    Their emotions are much more complex than even that of humans due to their advanced neural cleft, so don't you think their psyches are even more fragile than ours? I mean, if you went from going out and running 100 mi a day to being stuck in isolation with a group of strangers that might bully you around the way dominant female orcas do, and you were forced to perform idiotic, unnatural tricks for the sadistic pleasure of strange outside viewers of another species, wouldn't you go a little psychotic? Even the whales born in captivity don't meet their physical average because they get so little stimulation, and the kind they do get is unnatural. Free the orcas.

  • Killer orcas or killing orcas

    They suffer many side effects, some of which are collapsed dorsal fins, aggression, premature death, and forcefully trying to get out. Sure most of them were bred in SeaWorld. But does anyone think how they were actually bred? They didn't choose to breed, they were forced to breed. Think how you would feel if you were forced to breed. I wouldn't be too happy. Another thing-chlorine water. That is harmful to them. I acknowledge people who have the courage to say orcas should be held captivity, and some point are good. But we have to think outside our world. We have to think for them. After all, animals are just like us. They are alive and they deserve respect. Bu saying all this won't do anything. Why don't we just act, and do something?

  • It is animal abuse

    Did you know that orca whales in sea world live about 25 years. In the wild they can live up to 80. About as long as a human. Also, sea world takes the baby whales and takes them away from their moms when they capture the whales. It is not like having animals live in a zoo, because some animals can survive in habitats that are smaller than normal. Orca whales live in the ocean. Oceans are huge and hold trillions of fish. The tanks orca whales are kept in at sea world can't hold trillions of fish. Please help the cause and free the orca whales. Or at least put them in an ocean sanctuary because those are larger and the and the animals that are born in captivity can't survive in the wild

  • Whales should NOT be kept in captivity!!!

    When people or aquariums capture killer whales, orcas, etc. they die in the chlorinated water even though it is pumped from the ocean chlorine is always added. If they die in the aquariums and people keep capturing them and putting them in captivity they won't be able to Breed and when they can't breed they can't reproduce so their population will be gone, these beautiful majestic creatures will be gone forever if we don't stop now. I know some people eat them for food in other countries but there is another food source out there for you there always is.

  • Killer Whales are meant to live in the wild, not a concrete and Plexiglass enclosure.

    Killer whales in the wild live longer than killer whales in captivity. Also the whales may face psychological problems in captivity. Which, leads to the death of experienced trainers like Dawn Brancheau. If I lived in a small cage all my life I would get very agitated. So, I ask that you help make a difference in the life of these intelligent creatures

  • Here me out

    I'm not some pansie who is all for equal protection for animals that don't even feel but whales.... Are different they can actually understand "ok i'm being kidnapped i am going to have anger and hate for my captors" even the best trained whales go berserk at some point. The animal is too dangerous i say that so i don't have to see another innocent diver get killed. Let the bastards go and play with their dead food friggin savages

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