Blast a Swedish school: Should local governments make more effort to protect students from possible bombs?

  • Local governments should pay for more school protection

    I think it is very certainly the local government's job to implement security protections in schools attended by the population. Lots of students is an easy target for a crazy person and it only takes a small number of guards or security officers to be vigilant in big buildings so the costs are not too big.

  • Local governments should make bigger effort to protect students

    In the wake of a reported bomb in Sweden, local governments should make a greater effort to protect students. Local governments are on the front lines, charged with the responsibility to know what is going on in the localities. Although greater coordination should be made with those with greater resources, it must start at the local level.

  • Islamic terrorism is rampant in Europe, and measures must be taken to stop it

    After the shocking Swedish bombings in 2010, it is no surprise that citizens make demands on their local government to protect students from possible bombs. Large institutions are often targets. They are crowded places, and it is difficult to control violence in large public places. There should be a plan of defense in place for screening and dealing with bombs. In fact, for all public places in Sweden.. If this means limiting activities and shutting down buildings when there is a threat, then so be it.

  • I am sure that they do a decent amount already. Don't overdo it.

    Protecting school children is probably pretty high up on local government officials' lists of priorities. If there were an easy way to do it, they would do it. However, the reality is that these events happen very rarely in the West. If there are simple solutions, they should look into it, and I'm sure local governments are already doing that. However, they don't have to give in to fear about situations that rarely happen. There are other important issues to work on.

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