• Yes, the blobs that fell on a Washington town were exploded jellyfish.

    Yes, the blobs that fell on a Washington town were exploded jellyfish. These blobs were analyzed at the behest of a citizen of this Washington town and were found to contain human white blood cells. However, after further analysis, they were deemed not to have come from humans. Most likely, these were exploded jellyfish resulting from bombing drills in the ocean.

  • I don't think they were exploded jellyfish

    I have seen the story before of clear blobs appearing to fall in built up areas of Oakville but not seen anything to conclusively say what the blobs are. I don't understand why scientists can't take some samples and run tests to say conclusively what the blobs are made of. I think the jellyfish story was just a typical conspiracy by local people but I don't think there is any weight behind it actually being blobs of jellyfish.

  • Blobs were probably not exlpoded jellyfish

    It seems that that blobs fell into a Washington town. It is unlikely that those blobs were exploded jelly fish. It seems more likely that they were a stunt but some young rascals with too much free time. Often times the least sensational explanation for an event is the most accurate.

  • No, I don't think so.

    When the samples were tested, over 20 years ago, they did not appear to be anything natural. Unfortunatley those samples have been destroyed, so there is no clear way to find out what actually fell from the sky way back then. If it is not natural, that would rule out jellyfish.

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