• Ryan and McConnell want to block Obama

    Yes, Ryan and McConnell have shown time and time again that their goal is to deny President Obama from achieving and passing many key policies. Their first goal, which failed, was to deny so many of President Obama's policies that he would not achieve anything and therefore would not even get re-elected.

  • Ryan and McConnell don't care about governing.

    In a 2013 article in Politico Mitch McConnell was referred to as the face of Republician obstructionism. Both he and Ryan and shown time and time again that they are more interested in objecting to their political opponents than in their actual duty of governing; sacrificing the good of the people to make political points.

  • Opponents Lock Arms to Block Obama's Carbon Rule

    Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell both stand for a much higher cause than simply causing President Obama issues. They both seek to protect the economy and a way of life. By choosing to adamantly oppose Obama's Carbon laws are deeply rooted in the financial ramifications of such a drastic ruling. They realize that the financial catastrophe and collapse this would bring are far more dangerous than the "positive" effects of the law.

  • No, It's not all they care about but someone needs to block him so he doesn't destroy our country.

    No, Ryan and McConnell do not only care about blocking Obama. However, someone has to because his policies are absurd and dangerous to the American people. They are in the best position to thwart his policies from taking the rights away from law abiding citizens and keeping us a free county.

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