• Yes, their ideology are astonoshing.

    Liberals beliefs and ideologies is what might have made the blogger term them as crazy. They are always advocating for things that the normal society who are reserved or conservative find unacceptable in the society, for example abortion, same sex marriage, secularism and so on. So, based from a conservative perspective Liberals are crazy.

  • Liberals don't see people as capable thinking individuals. They see people as part of groups.

    Yeah Liberals are crazy. They claim to be for freedom but want to use the government's gun to get people to do things they don't want to. Why do they think it's OK to point the Government's gun at a business and force them to pay a wage they don't want to? Why do liberals compartmentalize people by characteristics that are entirely arbitrary in being an individual? Why do liberals claim to be for helping minorities, but in the inner cities, the liberal elected leaders use taxpayer money to pay off their Union cronies at the expense of black kids?

    The list goes on. No side is 100 percent perfect, but the fact is liberals want to spread the use of force under the guise of fairness and inclusiveness. It's truly sickening

  • Liberals have lost all ways to think logically.

    Liberals want to destroy the world by indoctrinating people to think that values and respect mean nothing. Calling any traditonal way of life by names and encouraging snitching is disgusting. Also there are 2 genders. Men and women. Socialism does not work. Ever. Immigrants from muslim countries are threat to every nation security. All women should have mandatory handguns to be able to protect themselves from muslim men who kill and rape white women.

  • Liberalism Is a Contradiction

    None of their views seem to involve freedom. They're against Gun Right due to possible murders, while being for the murder of unborn children via Abortion. They seem to keep denying Radical Islam, instead refusing to take action against possible terrorist threats. Liberals also maintain that Right Wingers are all crazy religious people, while also saying they're against Freedom of Religion. Personally, I'm an Atheist and I'm on the Right. Last I checked, The Republicans were the ones that wrote the Emancipation Declaration, they were also the ones who gave Women voting rights. The Republicans actually seem to be about more rights.

  • Liberal views only look crazy if you are narcissistic.

    Liberals in the United States tend to want to look after the vulnerable in society and do not believe that people should be discriminated against because of their race, sexual orientation, gender or sex. None of this should be perceived as unreasonable or crazy and only tends to be viewed as such by white, heterosexual men who dislike having their privilege undermined.

  • No, liberals are not crazy

    Those people on the political extremes of either the right or left can be difficult and opinionated but are not crazy. Those liberals who are narrow-minded and not open to listen to all sides are seen as rigid. We all need to accept the views of others and be open to hear all sides.

  • There is too much name calling.

    Liberals have reasons for the things that they believe. They are not crazy. Conservatives have reasons for the things that they believe, too. They are not crazy. To be crazy means to have a mental defect. Lately, it just means that someone has a difference of opinion. This is unfortunate and not the way politics is supposed to be.

  • Most people on both side of the spectrum aren't insane.

    Even if you don't agree with one side or the other I don't think you can really think that they are actually insane. Conservatives and labour both have their points and while I may decided that one has a better argument if you study the reasoning behind it you find that both come from a logical position. Sure there are liberals who are crazy and there are also conservatives who are crazy, you can hardly call all liberals crazy without recognising that it isn't particularly logical to call someone a demon because a fly landed on them. A lot of the issues both sides are trying to solve are real issues they just attempt two different solutions based on two sets of logical values. Often they don't even have any different values they just interpret them in different ways or slightly value one of them more than anther. For example in many cases most reasonable liberals and conservatives value freedom. The conservative expression of freedom involves issues like a very unregulated market and plenty of gun rights where as liberals express that through things such as the freedoms surrounding sexuality and freedom of and from religion.

  • Liberals aren't crazy, just idealists.

    Neither the majority conservatives nor liberals are crazy and both have rational points and fair wishes. The problem is that both have been betrayed by their representatives in Washington to special interests, the refusal to negotiate a fair middle ground, lack of working on real issues (instead campaigning, fundraising, and working against the other guy) and inciting division in the population for political gain.

    I'd say almost everyone would like it if; everyone had access to minimum necessities (water, food, shelter, healthcare) to live and the ability to better themselves so they can chase after the american dream; the government had a surplus to save for emergencies, special programs, and paying off the national debt; universal employment; their was no discrimination and no favoritism except for extraordinary circumstances like disaster relief; the federal government set minimum standards necessary for everyone and could trust further refinement in states for the maximum gain; politicians were not beholden to anyone besides their constituents and always tried to do their best for them instead of other interests; bankers did not purposefully create and inflate bubbles for profit that destroy our economy when they explode; Americans are kept safe from terrorism both foreign and domestic; people's rights under state and federal law are not preempted by mandatory binding individual arbitration agreements; everyone worldwide has universal human rights maintained; and beyond.

    I don't think that most conservatives nor liberals are against these things, we just place them differently on our list of priorities. The thing is that these goals often contradict such as necessities vs fiscal conservation vs universal employment , and we need our representatives to negotiate for what is in our and the country's best interest.

    We also need to be able to trust them to do that. In order for that to happen our representatives have to be beholden only to their constituents, morals, and country. They also must actually do their job to negotiate and compromise instead of holding to an extreme stance, or even harming everyone on principal (like a shutdown).

  • Who is to say a blogger is right?

    A blogger isn't a good source of needing to question liberal ideas. He has the right to say their crazy, but that doesn't matter if he doesn't back it up. If he backs it up with some crude evidence I might pay closer attention. I can say that conservatives are crazy and get some serious backfire from that idea. This was most likely done to spark controversy and bring about some attention.

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