Blue Bell ice cream linked to three listeria cases in Texas: Is our ice cream safe?

  • Ice Cream is Safe!

    The measure of risk in an product is the frequency and severity of negative consequences. For example, airlines are considered safe. The severity of risk is high since accidents often result in many deaths. However, the frequency of an accident with fatalities is less than one per hundreds of thousands of flights.
    Similarly, there are hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of spoonfuls of ice cream ingested in the US every day. This one safety incident is the only one in decades. So the frequency is extremely small.
    Also, the prompt and comprehensive response by the company to recall any possibly contaminated ice cream keeps our ice cream safe. I have a carton of Blue Bell ice cream in my freezer and will consume some today.

  • Three Strikes and Bluebell's Out

    Three times is too close for comfort when it comes to food safety. This product should be removed from the shelves until the cause for the listeria has been found and rectified. The news states that three people have died from this, which is a little more srious than if they had just become ill after eating the ice cream.

  • No food is safe

    No food is safe. This is because despite the food industry's attempts to meet government food safety guidelines, accidents always happen and there is no way to know every single instance of food contamination before it happens. In the case of ice cream there is no way to avoid in when you buy it.

  • No, our ice cream is not safe.

    When someone wants a delicious frozen snack, they're not looking for a dose of possibly fatal listeria contamination. Consumers need to think hard about what they purchase to feed themselves and their families. Large corporate food suppliers aren't taking potential health threats seriously enough. If they were, these listeria cases wouldn't erupt in the news every few days. It's possible that any factory produced food will not be safe unless the companies responsible take proactive steps to clean up their act.

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