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  • It's not the best.

    There is no way that hockey is the best sport in the world. Especially because it is mostly only popular in cold climates, so that automatically eliminates a large portion of the world. Hockey requires a large portion of ice and expensive equipment, so it's out of the reach of many people, especially young athletes.

  • Not by a long shot

    I don't think Hockey is anywhere near as popular as some other major sports. Sure, there's a handful of people in each country that follow it, but not masses of fans everywhere you go. Soccer seems to be the most popular sport in the world, and I suppose being the most popular makes it the best in the eyes of the majority.

  • It's not universal.

    Soccer is the best sport in the world because anyone can play it anywhere. You can even play soccer on a mountain. The only thing you need to play soccer is a ball. Anything can be a goal. Only parts of the world can play hockey. It can only be played indoors in the summer.

  • Hockey is one of the best sport but not necessarily THE best.

    A lot of people think hockey is the best sport in the world. However, there are just as many people who think basketball, football, etc., are the best sports in the world. To say that any one sport is the best is like saying apple pie is the best pie in the world. It is just one group's opinion.

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