Blue Man Group sued for stunts: Should audience members be allowed to file lawsuits against performers for their acts?

  • It depends on the stunt

    The question does not provide enough information to answer the question knowledgeably. If the stunts in question caused bodily harm to audience members then yes, they have an absolute right to sue the performers. However, if the stunts were merely deemed offensive, or frightening, then no. I think the audience is expected to enter a performance with some responsibility for the choice.

  • People should be safe

    No one should be performing an act that includes a danger to people in the audience, and if they do, people should be able to sue. A supermarket or other business is expected to keep people safe, as does the arena where the Blue Man Group plays. They sould be held to the same standard.

  • Blue man group: Are injuries part of the act?

    Obviously getting injured is not part of any show that an audience is supposed to participate in. It's up to the entertainers and their business to ensure that everything is safe enough to perform in front of a live audience. Businesses that perform unsafe acts and who actually injure audience members deserve to be sued.

  • It really just depends

    (caps lock) if it is sexual, dangerous ect. Tham maybe but my question is ... Why did u pay to see tthis if u knew this was going to happen jus WHY? Bjbjkhjkhjkhjkh jb n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

  • Audience members should not be allowed to sue

    Audience members should not be allowed to file lawsuits against performers for their acts because by attending that act, they are accepting the performance by the group and anything that could happen. That is a chance you take when you attend an event. Something might happen that is not intended and would be an accident.

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