• Yes they do

    Crime in Major cities of Blue states, Has increased drasticly due to the Democratic ideologies of the leaders, This, Along with the constant push of "democratic socialism" is a real threat to the american dream and everything we stand for. The totalitarianism ideas that are being pushed by these leaders are synonymous with the ones pushed by many communist and fachist dictators in history and if we don't do something about it now, It will be too late.

  • Democrat states are a threat to America

    Democrat-run states are trying to destroy this Great Nation. On the state level they are enacting far left policies that lead to the impoverishment and decline of quality-of-life that is causing Americans (most of them democrats) fleeing from blue states to red states. . . . And then they vote for democrat politicians again in the red states making them purpler and more socialist. Not only that but blue states are bussing voters to neighboring red states so that they can unfairly try to flip their elections, As seen with new york to Pennsylvania, And cali to Arizona. This is FRAUD and they are threatening the republic that our Founding Fathers built. Blue states should be given the boot, They are free to form their own nation which will then self-destruct and then the rest of America can take back the uninhabited wasteland that results from the socialist hellhole

  • Are you on something bro?

    Imagine kicking half of the states out of the union over some petty politics. Ever heard of the confederacy and the civil war? Now granted the issue of slavery was much bigger than anything today, But those confederate states formed a pact and left on their own because they didn't get their way. Maybe your red states should do the same and see what happens. Most Democrat policies are also hardly "socialist", In fact, The current "left" party in the form of the Democrat party is one of the most conservative "left" labeled parties in the entire world. You are just a huge partisan naysayer who would burn this country down because you disagree with some people on basic issues. Sad. The founding fathers you preach about would never kick out states because of some tiny disagreements.

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