Blues guitarist Johnny Winter dead at 70: Was Johnny Winter the best blues guitarist of all time?

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  • Let me just start by saying that...

    I'm not bashing Johnny Walker at all; in fact, he was a good guitarist. I never considered Johnny to be THE best of all time. When I listen to other blues guitarists like B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, I consider those guys as some of my favorites, and there are loads more I could add to the list. Johnny won't go down as THE best, but his music will live on for sure.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No I do not agree that Johnny WInter was the best.

    No, I do not agree with that statement. Johnny Winter was a great blues guitarist, one of the best there ever was, but in my opinion, Johnny Winter was not a better blues guitarist than the legendary Muddy Waters.In fact, I believe WInters himself would say the exact same thing.

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan was the greatest guitarist of all time

    Johnny Winter was not the greatest guitarist of all time--Stevie Ray Vaughan was. This is for two reasons. One, Stevie touched people. He changed people. He affected lives on a mass scale. Of course, I live in his hometown, so it's possible that the people I know are biased for that reason. Secondly, he spent a good deal of his life miserable. He was a shy and insecure child, and his alcoholic father was said to have beat him. This sounds radical as a reason but it really isn't; all great art, all truly fantastic art and creativity, is the result of sadness, anger, rejection, self-loathing, longing for something you can't have. Bad feelings create excellent artists. And when you heard Stevie's music you could feel it.

  • No, Johnny Winters was definitely not the greatest blues guitarist of all time.

    First off, blues guitar began back in the 1920's with people like Robert Johnson and Lonnie Johnson so to argue Johnny Winters is the greatest when you have over a century of greats would be giving him a lot of credit. Its always difficult to decide who is considered the greatest when so many different musicians have made such an impressive impact on a genre.

  • Blues guitarist Johnny Winter who died recently at age 70 was not the best blues guitarist of all time.

    Blues guitarist Johnny Winter who died recently at age 70 was not the best blues guitarist of all time. Although he was certainly one of the best blues guitarists of all time, there were other great blues guitarist who were arguably better than Johnny Winter. Muddy Waters, who Johnny Winters idolized, and Jimmy Hendrix, who Johnny Winters collaborated with were also among the best blues guitarist of all time. Rollin Stone magazine rated Johnny Winters as being within the top 100 blues guitarists of all time, but the claim the he was the best is arguable.

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