Boarding school: Is boarding school beneficial to children?

  • Helps in doing their own work

    In boarding schools children are used to do their own work and also work hard compared to students who live with their parents .The kids who live with their parents are dependent upon their parents for every thing and they are also very lazy and do not think about anything except themselves

  • Yes, boarding school beneficial for everybody

    Because in boarding schools education and extra-curricular activities are excellent. Teachers are highly professional and very co-operative. All teachers give proper care and concentration on every student because they live far away from their homes. Students become active, responsible and self dependent. Even, I also studied in DPS Badhani (DPSbadhani.Com), boarding school, and I have spent lots of good time with my last long friends.

  • Boarding school can be helpful to at-risk kids.

    There have been many cases of children who have been headed
    in the wrong direction who turned their lives around after being sent to a
    boarding school. Boarding schools are
    free of the distractions which are so prevalent in our public schools
    nowadays. I think that boarding schools
    are a very good idea, and they can help at-risk youth.

  • The children are influenced by other students to join them in cultism.

    The children are influenced by other students to join them in cultism. The children are influenced by other students to join them in cultism. The children are influenced by other students to join them in cultism. The children are influenced by other students to join them in cultism. The children are influenced by other students to join them in cultism. The children are influenced by other students to join them in cultism.

  • Bad upbringing and later in life isn’t much better

    I went to boarding school and did nothing for family life I have got a bad relationship with everyone one at home and we have never talk about the time I spent there. And why I was sent. As for freinds because I was a way from home I have never kept in touch with everyone. As for myself it makes you grow up very quickly and you keep a distance from everyone you know

  • It is a traumatic and has gotten me depressed

    I am a child of a boarding school in Louisiana, ASH. Although i was sent here for bad behavior it hasn't changed much it has put me in more of a mentally disturbed state. The faculty taking care of us have some serious issues that should not be taken out on a teenager that already has a lot of stress on their plate. I always end up complaining to my mom about how i don't think their is a reason to life after being here for 7 months and 3 more months until the year ends. The faculty do not care about you or your teenage opinions and only care about a strict schedule and their life. I would never make my child suffer from this unbearable experience. There has been many times were i almost thought i could go insane. All i can say is kids do not get in trouble because you will instantly regret it if your threatened to be sent to boarding school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP

  • Easy access to facility.

    Being in a school all the time allows children full access to its facilities. This is a good for creating a learning as pupils can have access to libraries, computer, and teachers while doing their home work. It is also easy to take part in contact curricular activities like sports and arts.

  • I miss my parents a lot .

    I love my parents. In boarding school full of stress for children. Which parents give freedom at least one % is also not there. Boarding school is so much painful to children. Please parents do not send your children to boarding school is so painful to children. Plz plz plz

  • Boarding schools are not beneficial

    Boarding schools are not beneficial for students because children often go to boarding schools crying.They feel very sad while leaving their parents and going to a place far away from them, full of rules. They also feel very sad to leave their old , near & dear friends. So ,no parents should send their children to a boarding school as they would also not like to go there. After all we don't get the luxury and love which we get on our home.

  • Children don't benefit

    Children who go to boarding school always come back crying and complaining about how gruesome their experience at boarding school was. Many parents would say yes to boarding schools. However, they don't think about the trauma and emotial distress and mental distress that they put on their child. You wouldn't want to go there. So why put your child there?

  • No it isnt helpful

    Coz children dont get the love they used to get and get mental stress which result in physiological treatmants . It may cuases wastage in money taking children to hospitals .Some children cry which are not noticed by the people of the boarding school .They become homesick and miss thire dare and near .

  • It is not benefical

    Because student dont get care because the dont have parents that is a very bad thing in school they get home sick also the cry they long for their parents and home it casues mental stress and that is very dagnerous so that is my reasons im a champion at debate its just that i am very tired right now

  • All the freaking

    Children are disturbed as they have pressure of everything even though there are extra activities on top of studies which them in a lot of pressure and being away from parents puts the child in a lot of pressure and is a wrong way of learning and bullying is a day-to-day case and sending your child to boarding school is extremely wrong way of educating your child.

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