• Bob Beckel is a good host for the Five.

    Obviously Bob Beckel was a good host for the Five or he wouldn't have gotten his old job back. He has a large following which has most likely followed him back to the program. This should help improve ratings as well, proving beneficial to the Five. Most people will be very happy to see his return.

  • Bob Beckel is a good host

    Not only is Bob Beckel a good host, he is an excellent host. And for one reason and one reason only. It is not because he carries anything deeply intellectual or offers up any good policy recommendations. It is merely because he is about as entertaining a host as there is on TV.

  • He is comedic.

    Yes, Bob Beckel is great on the Five because he is the comedic relief. Every Fox News show needs to have one democrat. Every time Beckel is on the show it's funny to watch him interact with Greg Gutfield and the others. He is one of the most popular people on the show.

  • No, he is not a good host.

    Bob Beckel does not make a very good host. Beckel had previously co-hosted The Five on Fox News; before being terminated due to substance abuse. Beckel is often loud and obnoxious, not that pleasant to watch on television. Fox News should have found someone else to co-host The Five, instead of Beckel.

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