Body piercing: Do corporations discriminate against people with body piercings and tattoos?

  • Thank You For Conforming

    Oh most definitely! I can tell you from a first hand experience that those in our society that mingle with our Corporate America are definitely intimidated by, fearful of, and offended by tattoos and piercings. I work at a child care center for middle to upper middle class, predominately white, Americans. I have received several complaints for my snake-bite piercings so I am now required to remove them when I come into work. The facility did not have a policy on tattoos or piercings prior to this, but now it does. I find that they are a tad more lenient with tattoos than they would have been, maybe 5 years ago, but piercings remain equally stigmatized.

  • No, they only want professional workers.

    No, corporations do not discriminate against people with body piercings and tattoos, because employers are only looking for professional employees for their corporations. A corporation does not mean for it to be personal when they reject someone who cannot maintain a professional appearance. It is their right to select employees who reflect their image. That is not discrimination.

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