• Body Shaming Is Wrong But Fat Jokes Are Funny

    Yes, Body shaming is wrong but who here doesn't find fat jokes funny?
    I mean

    You're so fat that an oragami crane has less folds than you.

    You are so fat that when you wear a yellow raincoat people shout out "taxi". Ref https://www. Keeplaughingforever. Com/insult-jokes

    You're so fat, The photo I took of you last christmas is still printing.

    You're so fat that when you want to iron your pants, You have to go out to your driveway.

    You're so fat that when you get dressed you have to use a boomerang to put your belt

    ​I find these hilarious but that doesn't make me a body shamer, Or does it. . . .

  • No sir YOU are the body shamer

    YOU are the one who targeted yourself as the body shamer and then tried to fight body shamer (and failed) and then tried to take the glory for my work. See guys? Myth busted I’m not the body shamer it was the guy who made two posts about email verification to pose as an innocent man being attacked then take credit for my work. Nice work you failed :D

  • Body shamer thought I was gone

    I only took a break but then the body shamer came back and started cheering for himself like last time I was on here. He claimed to be unstoppable yet I roasted him and “stopped” him super easily like nothing and he left crying to his mommy. Now he is back for round 2 now I’m ready

  • Nope false alarm.

    I'm the guy who posted that and I'm not the body shamer I'm the guy who spammed about e-mail verification and I was once on your side Jamie but no more. I'm beginning to think you are the body shamer Jamie, Was this all a game? Perhaps that fellow who left: Cmacynsk2? You need to go Jamie.
    Cheers: Anarchist100

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ThisVeryDay says2020-11-28T16:30:07.263
Body shaming is shameful.

I used to think of him as a doctor
with a heavenly glow
Then I thought of him as a salesman
I did not want to know
Now with my foreskin gone
I'm beyond belief
He is nothing more
than a common thief!

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