Bohemian Rhapsody originally thought to be too long: Was Freddy Mercury the voice of his generation?

  • Freddy Mercury: A leading Voice.

    Yes, Freddy Mercury was the leading voice of his generation. The reason I hold this opinion is because years later, his song, Bohemian Rhapsody has continued to be celebrated. It is an icon. Movies, celebrities, and events have been forever etched into our history because of the song he created.

  • Freddie Mercury was voice of his generation.

    Freddie was unique. He had an aura about him that nobody else had. He had a stage presence and the powerful voice to go with it. The songs he sang had meaning and power behind them. He was naturally talented and never had his voice digitally altered like some of the artists now.

  • He was an exceptional artist, but not a role model

    I think one could say that Freddy Mercury was the voice of his generation. He really was exceptional at moving people and touching their hearts. However, the way he lived his life was not the best example to his young fans. His drug abuse was the biggest problem, which may have influenced his fans to also use drugs in some way.

  • This song is amazing.

    I love this song. It shows so much of the composer's personality and feeling. It shows different emotions and feeling throughout the song. I think it was just long enough to tell you through music, what was happening in the musical story. That is why I think it is not to long.

  • Music Voices in Every Generation Are Argued

    Because Freddy Mercury was such a well renowned musician, doesn't mean that he is tagged as the "voice of his generation" because many talented artists from different music genre's are also believed to be leaders in the era and in the industry. The various music types from country, "disco", symphonic are just a few that also have talented musicians from not just his generations, but many different generations. It is hard to "peg" just one artists of "all time".

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