• The Russians are safe in their homeland

    As Mr. Obama is famous for saying the the threat to the general public in the U.S. is far overstated from the reality of the situation, the same is true in Russia. Even if there were a 9-11 style attack in Russia, the average Russian would still more more threatened by a freak accident than they would by a terrorist attack.

  • You can't be safe without freedom

    Russia is a difficult country to live in. The people of Russia do not have the ability to truly express themselves, and face fear of repercussions if they do not align with the Kremlin's views; especially those who are LGBT. They also have to worry about the repercussions of those who their government oppresses, included bomb attacks. Russians will never truly be safe until their government changes it's ways.

  • No, Russians are not safe in their homeland.

    I do not believe Russia to be a very stable or safe country. Given the imperialist ways of their leader Putin, and his aggression towards states like Georgia, Ukraine, and Crimea, it's only logical to expect some resistance. If it does not come from oppressed populations within Russia's borders, it could be ISIS or other Arab and/or Islamic groups that Russia is fighting in the Middle East and Central Asia.

  • No, nobody is safe.

    I have to be a pessimist and come down on the side of No. With the rash of hideous terrorist attacks that plague us, I do not believe that any citizen, Russian or otherwise , can say he is safe in his homeland or even in whatever country he may be visiting for that matter.

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