Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Was bombing Japan necessary in getting them to surrender?

  • Japan Bombings Needed

    The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were absolutely necessary in order to force Japan to surrender and end World War Ii. Japan hit us hard during Pearl Harbor, and we needed to put an end to the war once and for all. Therefore, these bombings were the best solution to the problem of World War II carrying on.

  • The bomb that ended the war

    The Americans had been using bombing raids on the main island of japan for months before the decision to drop the two atomic bombs was made. During the time of these bombing raids the Japanese government showed no signs of surrendering. If it was not for the Atomic bombs than the war would have continued and cost hundreds of thousands of more lives.

  • Only good way

    Many no sayers do not realize what was happening at the time to why we dropped the bombs. We had to end the war with Japan quickly, as the USSR was attacking from the japanese Manchuria front to possibly invade china, possibly creating a Korea south\ north type Japan. Meanwhile at the homefront, you have american people who are tired of war and want their boys back safe and alive. All of this with a new president Truman who felt pressured to end the war quick with little american casualties. Now, he had a few ways to do this. Option 1, blockade Japan by sea. While this plan would eventually starve Japan to death, it also kill the POWs on Japan and would not stop Russia from invading, also with the risk of attack on american ships by Kamikaze or submarine attacks etc. Option 2, flat out full frontal invasion. While pretty much garunteed to work due to Americas might, it would cause huge casualties, both for the Americans and the Japanese, as they would viscously defend their homeland. It would also cause much harm to the people of Japan and prolong the war. Option 3, nuclear bombing. With the nuclear bombing of Japan we hoped that we could show Japan what we were willing to do and our level of technology so we could make them surrender, saving as many american lives as possible and ending the war quickly. We also save Japan from communist takeover and guide it back to prosperity. While the bombings did kill civilians. It was by far the best option due to providing the lowest casualuties and length.

  • Yes it was

    It was necessary because if the United States had not bombed Japan many more people would have lost their lives. President Truman wanted to end the war with little American casualties as he possibly could and he wanted to show off to the soviets to impress them. President Truman decided to bomb Hiroshima because they had several large ports and industries. He also decided to bomb Hiroshima because they also had a big army. Nagasaki was bombed because they wanted to make Japan surrender. America dropped the bombs also because of how many lives the Japanese had taken with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The people of Japan would have of kept on fighting until they had no more men to fight or they had no way of providing for the war. The Japanese people would have of fought until they were completely out of a way to fight. America had to stop the war so there wasn’t complete disaster.

  • The bombing of Japan was necessary in getting them to surrender.

    The bombing of Japan was necessary in getting them to surrender. The atomic bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan were conducted by the United States during the final stages of World War II in August 1945. To date the two bombings are the only instance of the use of nuclear weapons in wartime. They surrendered quickly after the attacks on their soil.

  • Bombing Japan was necessary in getting them to surrender.

    It was necessary to drop the atomic bomb of Japan in order to get them to surrender. The Japanese believed that their Emperor was a god and they refused to surrender without his approval. After seeing the effects of the bombing, The Emperor finally told his country to stop fighting.

  • No,it was not necessary

    The bombing to Hiroshima were a way to end of the war.
    However,there were a lot of ways to make Japan surrender and they might have been better than the bombings.
    The bombings robbed so many people's lives.
    Children who didn’t know anything about war also lost their lives.
    The bombings robbed a lot of people’s futures.
    Many people in the world say,”The bombings saved much more people than continuing the war”,but the fact;the bombings robbed many people’s lives will never change.
    It was not necessary.

  • I think it wasn't necessary.

    Japan was going to surrender without the bombings.
    But the US dropped atomic bombs on the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many innocent people were killed by the bombings.

    If your city was bombed and many people were killed,could you say "It was necessary for our surrender."? If your family or friends were killed by the atomic bomb, could you say that, too?
    Everyone should think about the tragic incident as his own incident.
    Then we can know it was cruelty.

    I think the US should have thought in the same way as mentioned above, and chosen a different way to get Japan's surrender.

  • No, not necessary.

    These bombs caused too many victims.
    Dropping these bombs are too nasty.
    Threfore,united states should not have dropped these bombs.
    These bombs were meant to end the war.
    But,these were another ways to end the war.
    United states should have used these ways.
    We are never to use these atomic bombs.
    Because,these bombs are too nasty.
    So,every countries should never use these bombs from now on.
    And I think that we mustn’t repeat same things.
    I hope for the world peace.

  • Yeah, sure, defend the bombs

    So you agree to NUKING CIVILIANS?! There were no military installations in Hiroshima, same for Nagasaki. Over a hundred thousand civilians killed by the blasts, and more casualties from the radiation. Sure, it ended the war, but we were prepared to nuke Tokyo. TOKYO! It was a war crime to kill that many civilians.

  • No not necessary

    The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a means to an end. They were meant to make Japan surrender and they achieved this goal. However it is wrong to say they were necessary for the surrender. There were a lot of other options we could have taken and maybe saved innocent lives.

  • No but it did work

    Bombing Japan with the nuclear bombs was a wrong act on the part of the US. Yes it did work in getting them to surrender but it was not necessary and it was evil. Many innocent people died horrible deaths as a result. The only reason we got away with it is because it was such a new technology.

  • World War 2 Was Ending Anyway, the Atomic Bomb was Too Much

    The use of the Atomic Bomb is one of the worst isolated atrocities in United States history. Indiscriminately slaughtering everyone in the region and destroying the environment for generations is not a reasonable way to conduct war, and especially not when the Allies were already winning World War 2 in the first place.

  • Why would it have been

    We could have just barokeated them to have them surrendered. We for sure had enough ships to do that, but instead we chose to kill many more thousand people than needed to have. Why should have killed that many people when we could have done something with a lot less deaths of people than we had to.

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