Boncos' Playoff hopes: Will the Broncos get back into the NFL Playoff hunt?

  • Yes, Broncos will return.

    Yes, the Broncos are an excellent team and they will get back into the NFL Playoff hunt. They are strategizing and regrouping, and they will be prepared for next season's games. They've won recently and they've won the Superbowl back in the late nineties as well. They are a quality team and they will do well.

  • If they win out

    The Broncos are probably out of the playoffs unless they win out. Kubiak's perspective is that they're going in with the mindset that they'll win every game. So it could happen. The teams knows their situation, and so it's possible that will be enough to motivate them to really push to win out.

  • In the Hunt

    The Broncos will be in the playoff hunt by the time the season is nearing its end, but it will take a lot of luck for the Broncos to make the playoffs. As of now, it would take a miracle for the surging Raiders and Chiefs to implode and allow Denver to take the division, so their best bet is the Wildcard. The Broncos are currently out of the Wildcard, but there are enough games left in the season that if they win a majority and they right teams lose, the Broncos could find themselves in the playoffs again.

  • They need a season to find their rhythm as a team.

    Unfortunately for the Broncos, I think that their hopes of making it to the playoffs aren't looking very promising. Coming off such an incredible season last year, there were hopes that the momentum would continue despite the retirement of Peyton Manning. However, it seems like the Broncos need a little more time to find their rhythm as a team.

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