• Trump very possibly could be impeached.

    It is very possible that Trump could be impeached at some point. It has happened before, in the not so distant past. However, a very good reason to impeach, is obviously necessary. It is unusual though, before even having taken office, talk of impeachment abounds. It will take more than just a bunch of hearsay to impeach Trump.

  • Yes, it is a possibility

    Trump appears to have many conflicts of interest due to his businesses. Additionally, he seems prepared to overstep his powers as the president in ways that are illegal, and he has a relationship with Russia that many people are uncomfortable with. With many from his own party criticizing him for these issues and others, it appears very likely that he could be successfully impeached.

  • A very real possibility

    Anyone who doesn't believe that there is a good chance of Trump getting impeached is delirious. The man is a ticking time bomb, and I can hardly imagine he will make it four years without comitting a single impeachable act. It's certainly going to take something pretty good to get his Republican puppets in Congress to start the impeachment process, but I don't doubt for a moment that it's likely to happen.

  • Many people are still trying to prevent a Trump presidency.

    I believe that a Trump impeachment occurring is absolutely a possibility. Though it has been two months, Americans still seem at odds with the election results. It seems as though many are not confident in Trump's ability to run the country effectively. It would not be surprising were an impeachment to occur.

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