Books are healthy for your brain and tv does nothing

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  • Books are the way to go!!!

    I strongly say that books are better for your brain than TV. Books are fun to read. Some people are slow readers but that is ok. You just need to practice more. I actually prefer to read slowly because I am very sad wen a good book ends. For example: I loved the Harry Potter books and I liked how it ended but I just wish that the series went on for a little bit longer. TV does little to nothing compared to books. When you read a book you can imagine what the charters look like if it does not have any pictures but with TV all you can do is watch while you mindlessly eat junk food and get fat. Also if you watch TV on a school night if you are still in school it can distract you from getting your projects and homework done. You can end up watching the television until you fall asleep and that can effect your dreams. If you were watching a horror movie or a scary show and you go to bed right after or fall asleep watching it you can have nightmares. Then the world starts crying in the middle of the night and don't get me started on how that can effect your life and reputation. If someone gets a video of you whimpering in your sleep just wait until it goes viral.... So I again state that BOOKS ARE THE WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You can learn from both.

    It is ignorant to say you can't learn ANYTHING from tv, to be honest. I remember picking up words in french and spanish from watching tv, so when I went to my foreign language class it didn't feel 100% unfamiliar. (For example, spanish soap operas and news would always play in my house, which I would pick up on. Also in an episode of Dexter's Laboratory he repeated "omelette du fromage" which means cheese omelette. In an episode of Tom and Jerry, Nibbles the Mouse is a french musketeer, and therefore uses several french phrases. Not to mention Dora the Explorer and other education tv shows.)
    Investigation Discovery, National Geographic, The History Channel (not so much now, though) and plenty of other channels are fairly education and you can learn from them.
    In fact a lot of times I have picked up information from shows that aren't supposed to be educational, especially cartoons. Saying books are the only source of information is ignoring the fact that you can learn something from everything you interact with, no matter what it is.
    Also as an additional note, you can learn more about how to be a good person/about relationships in tv shows as well. Their occasionally emotional scenes help people to understand relationships and others. Don't believe me? Steven Universe is a good example of that. There are several episodes which demonstrate how each of the characters deals with the loss of someone they were very close to (Rose Quartz.) It also deals with mother-daughter relationships, and much more. (I recommend watching it.)
    Obviously you shouldn't watch tv for ten hours a day, and even then I watch my shows online, but don't try to avoid it because you think you won't learn from it. Select the shows you want to watch carefully if you really care that much.
    (And obviously you can learn from books, I don't need to explain that.)

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