• Book are educational. And won't suck your brains out.

    Kids sit in front of the TV all the time, watching things they don't need to watch. Yeah, an hour of TV is ok, but if you sit there and stare at it, then your brain is not getting the action you need. Reading you can read the words and learn to spell and you can use your own imagination instead of using the one of the creator's of the TV show. And plus, there are no cheesy graphics.

  • My preference is.

    Books are awesome. Clear laid out thoughts, easy to peruse, review, imagine yourself. Just a preference though. If you said better for whatever purpose, then they both have their own places. I'm just into the habit of reading. Twelve more, okay. Books don't need electricity the way that a TV wou-

  • Reading a book is better than watching TV

    The whole point of books is that it makes you use your imagination. TV defeats the purpose of books. This is the reason books make you smarter is because it makes you use your brain. TV doesn't. TV has also been shown to be bad for your brain if not used in moderation.

  • It's a new time of entertainment

    Sure, reading is good. But a TV doesn't kill trees just for one person to read a story. One TV with a console can contain thousands of stories to watch and enjoy. And for books? If you want imagination, you can also do other things for that. You need good lighting for books other wise it is bad for your eyes. TV has many functions, too, and a book only serves one. You could read off a phone or kindle for a lower price.

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