Boston bombings suspects' aunt: 'This was staged.' Do you agree?

  • Definitely A Staged Event

    There was a man with two amputated legs that wasn't bleeding at all! If you cut an artery in your leg, you should pass out within 3 minutes from blood loss. This man was completely conscious and was being pushed in a wheel chair. Obviously, if this were real, the medics would have the sense to get a stretcher and elevate his leg until they get to the hospital. I also saw youtube videos of people with bags full of blood spilling blood everywhere. There was even a man who was waiting for the man with the camera to leave before he pours blood all over the 'dying' victim. Not only that, but there were people who were laying on the ground looking like they were suffering that simply got up and walked away. I'm not saying that the entire bombing was staged and no one was hurt at all, but, some aspects of the bombing were faked and you are a fool to say otherwise.

  • We have the right to question our government.

    There is absolutely no sufficient evidence backing up the FBI's claims linking the two suspects to terrorism. There is intact PROOF of the government in the past staging 'terrorist' acts to pass laws and non shall angle disobey our rights. Do your own investigation. Infowars.Com explains the entire story. Wealth vs minority. We are the minority and we have rights. Government wants to 'protect' us as they bomb its own citizens and go against our rights. Go USA?

  • Boston bombing staged

    I think this is an orchestrated act. I don;t know why we can't all just live in peace and harmony. As one world made up of many unique facets... I see a lot wrong with the news reports and the way the events happened. I can't understand why people continue to rob the world of it's true potential. I wish the good people of the world would wake up and stop the evil that is behind these false flag operations. May the lord have mercy .

  • No, I don't think it was staged.

    She states her nephews were angels. What angel robs a 7-11, shoots a police officer, and throws gernades at them? The man killed had a bomb on him. I don't see how any of this was staged. Also, if they were innocent, why didn't they just go down to the police station and try to clear their name, same as the seventeen year old did? They are digging their own graves.

  • No, it's simply not true.

    No. It's understandable why she would think that. But the idea that the attacks were staged is a completely unfounded conspiracy theory with no real evidence behind it. I suppose it is physically possible, but there would need to be a lot more evidence before people consider it valid. I do not think they were staged.

  • No, not staged.

    No, I do not think that the Boston Marathon bombings suspects' aunt is right in saying that "this was staged." I think that that is a typical reaction for a family member to have and I do not judge her for that. But I believe that they have found the right people and it doesn't seem as if any of this could have been staged.

  • People always say this.

    If you look back through all the arrests of past serial killers and mass murderers in the past, there are always countless interviews with friends/neighbors etc saying what a nice person the killer was, and how kind, and what a good friend/neighbor they were! I think the truth is even when we think we know someone very well, we often do not.

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