Bottled water vs tap water: Should individuals drink bottled water (yes) or tap water (no)?

  • Bottled Water wins

    If you are at school, and someone puts their mouth on the faucet, they might be sick. If they get the germs on the faucet, you can get sick too. By the time the germs fade, 100 people will be ill. The germs will then spread from person to person. This will cause the whole school to be sick.

  • Tap water is a better choice than bottled water.

    Sure bottled water can help many athletes and people with a less extreme lifestyle pursue a healthier life, but tap water is just as healthy. They come from the same sources like springs, aquifers, and wells which are not always from particularly beautiful, mystical locations. On top of all this, the price that is payed for the leisure of having a bottle of water at your side, is the toll that it takes on the environment around us. Money is also a huge factor in the choice to ban bottled water. The cost for the transportation of plastic is an extremely high price due to the high demand in stores this year, and usually not all of the bottles are used, so there isn't a point in generating all of those plastic bottles.

  • Who really knows where bottle water actually comes from

    No, I think that if bottled water is not available or is not affordable tap water will suffice. In reality how clean or pure is bottled water. Not to mention the waste that is accrued through the discard bottles after consumption has been completed. Tap water or filter tap water will provide the same as bottle water with the waste.

  • Bottled water is no healthier than tap water and it depltes natural resources.

    In many instances, companies that process bottled water get their product from municipalities. This means that by sourcing the water, they are taking water away from a public water supply, creating water shortages for those areas. In addition, the bottles are made of plastic, which plays a large part in creating environmental problems both during production and after they are used, since millions of people throw them out instead of recycling them.

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