Bowe Bergdahl's release: Should we negotiate with terrorists for the release of prisoners?

  • Yes, but trading five terrorists for one US soldier shows a serious lack of negotiation skills

    First of all, I mean no offense to Sgt. Bergdahl. I am glad he's home. However, trading five terrorist for just one soldier shows a serious lack of negotiation skills. Yes, we should participate in prisoner swaps, but we should also be more aggressive in our negotiations and match the number of prisoners we give the enemy with the number of prisoners they give us. So if they only gives us one prisoner, then we should give them one prisoner. When it comes to negotiation you should never take the first deal that's thrown on the table. So in closing, yes, we should swap prisoners, but we should be more aggressive in the negotiations and match the number of prisoners we give them with the number of prisoners they give us.

  • Negotiation is necessary

    While I vehemently disagree with the outcome in this particular circumstance, the talking point of "not negotiating with terrorists" is just dumb. Unless we are going to just shoot every single person who disagrees with us, negotiating is a necessary tactic in world politics. The US must be willing to give up something if they want to get something they value in return.

  • No Soldier should ever be left behind

    It's always been part of our military's code that no one is ever to be left behind. Whether it's the sad duty of recovering our dead, rescuing prisoner's of war, or even negotiating for a prisoner trade. Even today hundreds of thousands of dollars is spent to identify remains from Korea and Vietnam, so that those soldiers can be brought home, even decades later. If we're willing to go to such lengths and costs, why then shouldn't we go to such lengths and negotiate with our enemies to bring our live soldiers home?

  • USA Does Not and Never Has Negotiated With Terrorists!!! Until now

    First, This is NOT a prisoner swap, a prisoner swap requires a declaration of war on another military/state under international laws. "Terrorists" Is not a military or state, they do not wear military uniforms required by international law or abide by international law in the course of their "war". Therefor they are and rightfully should be "terrorists" not a military.

    Because of this a traditional "Prisoner swap" Is completely impossible, once they have an american in their custody and make demands for his return it is terrorist demand no matter how you look at it, not a prisoner swap in accordance with international law.

    Negotiating with terrorists CAN NEVER BE DONE as it will just show future terrorists they will get their way if they commit acts of terror.

    Bergdahl would have been shot in any military in the world 60 years ago for what he did(abandoned his post in front of the enemy) yet what do we do? Give in to the demands of terrorists and trade 5 terrorist commanders for his return, showing terrorists world wide if they capture and american or an american interest we will pay dearly to get it back. This drastically jeopardizes the safety of Americans and american interests world wide, and Obama is on the edge of criminal negligence for his act here, as the next terrorist abduction or hijacking of US personnel or interests very likely could be because of the willingness to negotiate shown here.

    This was a blunder the likes of which has not been seen in my entire lifetime, you don't negotiate with terrorists how hard is that to grasp?

  • It sets a bad example.

    No, we should not negotiate with terrorists for the release of prisoners, because this will lead to more people being taken captive in the future. The terrorists know that to get us to the table, all they have to do is take someone captive. They will also get their own prisoners freed, which will only result in more terrorism.

  • No, we should never negotiate.

    I know the Obama administration is saying that this was a prisoner exchange and not negotiating with terrorists, but the prison we got back is not a threat to national security and the ones we released clearly were. I don't believe we should ever negotiate with terrorists because I believe it will encourage then to capture more U.S. Soldiers or even citizens in order to negotiate.

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