• Yes, I think so.

    Boxing Day was a day on which families continued their Christmas celebrations by venturing out of their homes to enjoy entertainments including pantomimes, plays, variety shows, exhibitions, and sporting events such as football matches and hunts.

    In recent times, the day has become synonymous with many sports. Horse racing is particularly popular with meets all over the country. A full programme of football fixtures is also played on Boxing Day.

  • Yes, people should box with their relatives on Boxing Day.

    Yes, people should box with their relatives on Boxing Day. However, they should not engage in the type of pugilistic boxing that involves gloves and fists. They should box presents up with their relatives to give to the poor and lonely during the holidays. This would cause much less bloodshed.

  • Come on, this is silly.

    If you are Canadian like me you will take this as a insult. I mean its a free country and you can if you want to take it as a joke but this is actually a helpful holiday. Were we put away boxes. My dumb friends in American joke infarct of me like " so who wins" I get mad. Would you like Canadians to make fun of American holidays. This is just dumb!

  • Box with your relatives.

    What does this question even mean? Box as in boxing (the sport)? It would depend on who their relatives were. Frail grandmothers, not so much. A cousin who is the same age. As long as there is no real violence and it is done in play format, I cannot see a problem.

  • Christmas has enough family drama

    If people start actually boxing each other on Boxing Day, it's only going to lead to more strained relationships at an already difficult time of year. Plus the fact that hospitals are already short staffed, they really don't need it exacerbating with increased concussions and black eyes. Let's just stick to fighting people for bargains.

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