• Why Boxing is Good

    Boxing can teach you self defense, gives you self-respect, is a big stress reliever,it teaches people to be fit,and it teaches discipline. Most boxers choose to box because they enjoy boxing. It isn't fair to ban boxing for people that enjoy boxing. Boxing is a sport, not the start of war

  • Boxing is the better sport.

    Boxing is the better sport for several different reasons.First of all its the sport of champions and has a long tradition in the sporting world.Second it has more rules than UFC so it is less likely that someone will be hurt.And even young children can participate in boxing for fun.

  • All around better sport

    It requires a lot more stradegy and styles... And yes it is more violent... And another thing Better athletes, the boxing gig has died down post Tyson... Now it's about points not knockouts... And although it is more violent it is safer by allowing the tappout and a knockout... And a referees decision. Boxing is also less practical because you are limited and it is a lot slower... With UFC it is boom boom boom 3 -5 rounds and done.

  • UFC required a higher skill level

    Although boxing has been a classic sport for many years, UFC is superior in several ways. First, it requires a lot of knowledge and training in boxing, martial arts, and wrestling, which overall results in a higher skill requirement to compete. Secondly, it's less dangerous. Because a typical UFC match involves a lot of wrestling, there's an overall reduction in hard blows taken to the head.

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