Boy asks mom to pack 2 lunches after noticing student with hardly any food eating alone: Are children somehow better than adults?

  • Children are better than adults, they don't pass judgement!

    Children have this wonderful ability to look past skin color, type of clothing and just accept their friends as they are. All this young saw was someone going without and knew that his family had the ability and means to share. This something that adults have lost as they've grown up.

  • Yes, children are better than adults

    Yes, children are better than adults. Young children are pure and haven't been corrupted like most in adulthood have been by their own life experiences and other corrupted adults in their lives. A child would think about feeding another child while an adult would completely ignore another hungry adult on the street.

  • Children's Goodness is Uninhibited

    Children have a natural tendency toward fairness and justice. When they see unfairness and injustice, they want to fix it. They believe they can solve all of the problems in the world. Adults, on the other hand, have learned through experience the prevalence of unfairness, and so are less moved by it. Adults convince themselves that it is not their responsibility to save the world.

  • Yes, children have bigger hearts.

    Yes, children are in so many ways better than adults. They make friends easily, and they look out for each other. There are no political or religious agendas. There's only purity of heart and a desire to enjoy life, make friends, help others, and be good. We can all stand to learn a lot from children.

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