Boy Found In Woods After A Week Of Punishment By Parents:Should They Be Arrested?

  • Yes, parents who punished their son for a week in the woods should be arrested.

    The parents who punished their son for a week in the woods should absolutely be punished. When a child is under the care of their parents it is the parents responsibility to love and care for the child. If they are punishing the child in a physically or emotionally harmful way they should be arrested for their actions.

  • That is not an acceptable punishment

    Leaving your child alone and frightened, in an unfamiliar and dangerous place is not considered an appropriate form of punishment. So many terrible things could have happened to that boy out there alone, and they are extremely lucky to have found the boy alive. The parents should be punished for endangering the life of their child.

  • Yes, parental abuse that would send a child into the wilderness deserves consequences.

    Though there should certainly be a line drawn between the political and the personal, a government's protection of its citizens is critical in terms of creating a safe country. Discipline may often be necessary, but every child has the right to feel their well-being is protected in their own home. To strip a child of that all in an effort to teach a lesson is both morally abject and illegal.

  • No, they already learned their lesson.

    The parents just wanted to scare him and it all went wrong. Luckily he was found. Disciplining children through gentle talking is ideal, but it is difficult sometimes on busy daily life. A happy ending and a miracle, let's hope they enjoy life together to the full and enjoy this gift!

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