Boy Scouts of America Will Allow Transgender Children Who Identify as Boys to Enroll in Scouting Programs: Should biological girls be allowed in the Boy Scouts, regardless of gender identity?

Boy Scouts of America Will Allow Transgender Children Who Identify as Boys to Enroll in Scouting Programs: Should biological girls be allowed in the Boy Scouts, regardless of gender identity?
  • It's not called BIOLOGIC MALE scouts.

    What's the problem with a girl being in boy scouts anyways? Girls won't be gangraped in troops (if they are being gangraped, there's a problem with the scout leading). A girl, or anyone regardless of identity or biologic gender, should be able to partake in the activities a boy scout would partake in.

    One of the arguments opposing states "They would need to change every last thing in the circuluiium (curriculum)." This isn't true; girls and boys should be taught the same things in boy scouts. In today's boy scouts, what's taught? To survive in the wilderness? Wouldn't this be something a girl should know how to do?

    Some more evidence to back up my claim is that I am biologically female, identifying as a woman. In girl scouts we would make crafts. I would MUCH RATHER want to learn how to camp than I would make bracelets.

  • The boy scouts has nothing to do with genitals.

    There shouldn't even be two different scouts in the first place. The things people learn in boy/girl scouts are cultural and a lot of us are sick of being told what things we like and what we're allowed to learn. It has nothing to do with biological sex. Be logical.

  • We are all equal as humans

    Okay "Kids shouldn't be transgender anyway" that is you opinion. How would you feel if you felt right in the other genders body and wrong in your own. But you can't be excepted because of TRANSPHOBIC people like you. Go share your negative vibes with your "men and boys" in your "own space" rather than a place that should be excepting anyone. Maybe a "Man cave".
    We are all humans here, I for one am British and the British equivalent to "Boy Scouts" was cubs. I went to cubs. I AM A GIRL. I also went to the girl version.
    The whole point of "Boy Scouts" Is to learn whilst having fun.

    To be honest I don't see the value of the titles "girl and boy or man and woman". We are all human. Just because we have different sexual organs doesn't mean we should be payed, classed or treated differently to any "man".

    Just because your were born with blonde hair, doesn't mean you will have blonde hair for the rest of your life. You could die it or as you get older, typically your hair gets darker.
    This applies to gender.
    Just because you were born with a penis or a vagina doesn't mean you are a steriotipical "boy" or a "girl". Thats just how we see it in todays society. We shouldn't.

    No gender if superior or inferior. If you think that you must be a four year old who uses the word cooties.

    Oh and by the way I'm 12. I've already done my GCSE'S (Which for you Americans is what you do when you 16) I can certainly read a wall clock. And I'm transgender

  • Yes, let everyone in.

    The days of segregating boy scouts from girl scouts are over. This poor organization has been under so much scrutiny for the past 20 years that enough is enough. The boy scouts should allow girls to join and the girl scouts should allow boys to join. This will reduce the chance of costly litigation in the coming years.

  • Transgender people should be in boys scouts.

    I was born female.And I would hate to be in girl scouts or boy scouts as I am a non-binary person.I believe that we should be who we are and be what gender we want to be.And go to boy/girl scouts if you want to. Besides it isn't like it's hurting you is it?

  • Trans boys are boys, regardless of biologic sex

    What people don't understand here is that gender is not sex, and trans men are men. No little boy will care if Jimmy has a vagina, he's still a boy and should be regarded as so. If someone does commit a transphobic act against him, that's not his fault for identifying as the opposite gender, that's the other kid's fault for thinking that [sexual] assault is okay.

  • Yes, biological girls should be allowed in the Boy Scouts starting immediately, regardless of gender identity.

    Allowing transgender children into the Boy Scouts of America is the right thing to do. A child does not ask to be born, nor do they choose to be born with an identity that they do not see as who they are. There are too many stories of children and adults suffering due to people's lack of knowledge and compassion. The Boy Scouts of America was built on having compassion. Therefore it should be inclusive to transgender children and they should be welcomed with open arms. It also creates a great opportunity to teach children more tolerance for people who are not like them as they grow older in society. After all, transgender people are a part of the world we live in and the children are our future.

  • Look at the first principles.

    Put simply, biological gender is for the most part irrelevant aside from how people are formed through their environments, and environments change depending on a few bodily differences. There is no reason I can come up with for why Boy Scouts would want or need to only accept people with some body. I can see however why they would want some type of identity. Biological sex and gender identity are different.

  • Female and Female-Identifying individuals Should Be Allowed In Boy Scouts

    While it is true that there already is an organization for women and girls (the Girl Scouts,) some girls may be more interested in learning survival skills than learning how to sell cookies. It can also be argued that learning how to start a fire, create shelter, and navigate in the wilderness are more important than business skills. Additionally, the boy scouts also learn things regarding jobs and business, and being a boy scout can help in being hired for jobs later on in life.

  • I want to be a boy scout but I am a girl

    I'm a girl that is in girl scouts, and I love it, but I always envy boy scouts. They have Pinewood Derbies, camp in tents, shoot bb guns, learn to carve wood, and NOT have to sell girl scout cookies. Less than HALF the girls in my troop are interested in this stuff sadly. Also, I'm a tomboy, and does anything almost an average boy would do. I believe that ALL genders should be allowed in boy and girl scouts.

  • I will be getting flak for this.

    We need to make a smarter society and stop catering to these people who believe their feelings triumph over facts and science. "Gender Identity" is a load of fantasy nonsense. The only "genders" there are are the biological sex. If you are born with a penis then you are a male whereas if you are born with a vagina you are a female. I understand that there are birth defects, but people who are pulling that Bruce Jenner thing are full of it and are delusional.

  • Males and females have different interests and abilities.

    If a girl was allowed into the Boy Scouts, or a boy was allowed into the Girl Scouts/Girl Guides, the curriculum would have to change to accommodate the natural differences between genders. In an area where one gender naturally excels and the other gender may be less proficient, the standards would have to drop to accommodate those falling behind...There-bye reducing the quality of the skills that all the participants will acquire.
    The Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Girl Guides movement is about getting the best out of an individual. Giving them tools and knowledge to use throughout their lives. If the system is made too easy for the children to ever fail then they will never learn how to succeed!

  • Trans is okay

    I support them allowing trans people into the boy scouts of america but to let a girl in would be a killing blow. They would need to change every last thing in the circuluiium. Plus boys are better then girls. . . . . . . . . . .

  • No they are not male

    Gender identity is a lie you are either male or female, anything else is just how you feel, its not wrong its simply your personality not your gender.Your gender is down there not in your head.
    While it is true that our society is becoming more sensitive and accepting of varying gender identities and how they fit into the world we know, sub-groups should not be allowed to force their delusions upon others. If people with gender identity issues want a scouting organization, they should start their own and leave the Boy Scouts alone. Why don't they join the Venturing program, for scouts over the age of 14, includes full access to all the leadership and outdoor programs of the BSA. It is completely co-ed.

  • Why Can't There be Man Spaces Anymore?

    Why can't men and boys have their own space, their own activities, their own clubs? And girls already have a scouts organization! If girls want to do something like go camping, why don't they just propose that to their own troop? And the same vice-versa. Kids shouldn't be transgender anyway,

  • This has "bad idea" written all over it.

    This is just a recipe for disaster. First of all, how does the girl know she's transgender at the age of like 10 or 11, when I joined? Most 10 or 11 year olds can't even read a wall clock, much less assert their identities. Boys, especially younger ones that recently hit puberty, may inappropriately touch transgender scouts which there's a lot of opportunity to do in places like tents or hikes through the woods. This will just simply lead to trouble. They allow gay scout leaders too (not a good idea either to me, gay scouts are one thing but this is another) but still won't allow Atheist or Agnostic children to be scouts. Glad to see they have their priorities straight :(

  • For obvious reasons.

    It's called biology. There girls are NOT male, no matter how much they tell themselves they are. If they can't come to terms with themselves then I don't know what to tell them. I don't care what their "preference" is. It's a shame that our wimpy, babyish, brainwashed society has accepted transgenderism.

  • No they are not male

    If they were born female then they will be female always.
    What about the girl guides how come boys don't join them. So girls and anyone other than males should not be able to join the scouts.
    Gender identity is a lie you are either male or female, anything else is just how you feel, its not wrong its simply your personality not your gender.
    Your gender is down there not in your head.

  • No. It's call the Boy Scouts. Not the Girl Scouts or the Whatever Scouts.

    No. It's call the Boy Scouts. Not the Girl Scouts or the Whatever Scouts. No. It's call the Boy Scouts. Not the Girl Scouts or the Whatever Scouts. No. It's call the Boy Scouts. Not the Girl Scouts or the Whatever Scouts. No. It's call the Boy Scouts. Not the Girl Scouts or the Whatever Scouts.

  • This is what that leads to...

    If you legally accept that a person is correct and legally entitled to believe a subjective "truth" about themselves such as this, it never ends. Literally. What is to stop me as a physical adult from going to the airport in nothing but a diaper and a pacifier and demand to fly for free with my parent or guardian because I think I'm a baby? Or from collecting Social Security and MediCare because even though I'm a strong, healthy adult, I think I'm a decrepit 60-year old? You cannot give in to the belief that gender is subjective and then refute things like I just said...Which actually have benefits attached to them, and could otherwise be considered as fraudulent and theft.

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platoandaristotle says2017-02-06T22:50:17.037
Where is the undecided button?
Sciguy says2017-03-02T16:52:21.303
@Serby - No, gender and sex are not different; these are linear to one another in every aspect and have been since the dawn of man. It was up until about ten years ago that we didn't even know the existence of such a deranged disorder and idea of Gender Identity Disorder. Why is it our society has deluded itself into such a position that we worry more-so about not offending a person's feelings than attempting to guide them to facts? It's wrong, you're wrong.
the_mexican_republican.nj says2017-03-02T17:21:33.167
@Sciguy Ben Shapiro is the GOAT
Sciguy says2017-03-02T19:20:28.030
@the_mexican_republican.Nj - Agreed!
Brittwsr09 says2017-03-13T14:04:25.840
If the biological girl gets beat up by the biological boys will she whine and say boys shouldn't hit girls? The boys will have to walk on eggshells around that kid because no matter how she tries to act when something happens to her she is going to revert back to being a girl. My brothers and now my nephews have always been taught to not hit a girl wich makes the boys have no idea were they stand on this front.
Kalus_Orja says2017-03-17T11:43:58.553
Tfw people unironically call a mental disorder "deranged".P
Thescarecrow066 says2017-03-22T00:32:49.323
I swear the LBGQT community is becoming nothing more than a bunch of whining idiots.
lad250 says2018-05-16T18:37:24.187
I was a boy scout, and I don't see why girls shouldn't be allowed. Even if they're not transgender, if they want to do it they should be able to. My sister was in girl scouts and hated it but envied the trips I did with my troops. They are two different things.