Boy with epilepsy benefits from cannabis oil: Should we take medical treatments away from children?

  • There are other ways.

    There are other ways that this boy can receive the benefits of marinol without having to use cannabis. Cannabis is available in a regulated way from a pharmacy. People just want to smoke and use other products because it's more fun. It's safer, however, to have children go the regulated route and use a pharmacy.

  • No, we should not take effective medical treatments away from children.

    No, we should not take effective medical treatments away from children. If a treatment is useful for a child, it should not matter whether or not the substance was arbitrarily deemed to be illegal. The only way the treatment should be assessed is whether or not it treats the child effectively.

  • Medical treatments should not be taken away from kids

    Kids, like all humans, are entitled to medical treatment. There is no good benefit from removing medical care from children. If the question is whether children should be treated with cannabis oil, then the answer remains the same. The question of what treatment is appropriate for a particular child is best left to the parents and the child's primary care provider.

  • No, medical treatments are important in a child development.

    Medical treatments are important in the development of a child. When a child becomes ill has to be taken to the specialist to be evaluated and probably prescribed with a treatment to follow in order to overcome his/her sickness. There are also vaccines/shots that have to be provided on a regular basis to prevent the child form becoming sick. If other types of medicines or natural products are beneficial in the treatment or healing of a sickness, they can be used as complement to the medical treatment prescribed by a doctor.

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Gareth_BM says2017-01-03T19:33:00.807
I agree with you but don't you think this is somewhat of a leading question.
angelfish13 says2017-01-08T16:09:55.493
I can't reply to the comment that starts with "there are other ways" without voting yes (I vote no in this debate), so I'm posting my reply to that argument here:

You're obviously ignorant on the subject and shouldn't speak about things you don't know. Marinol likely wouldn't be given to children with epilepsy. Marinol is a synthetic form of THC. Children with catastrophic epilepsy often don't respond well to regular pharmaceutical medications, and there have been many cases where these kids are on 10 antiepileptic drugs with little to no seizure relief but with tons of serious side effects that affect their development. When the parents of these children look into marijuana as a possible treatment, they are usually looking for access to non-psychoactive (as in, there's no high) cannabidiol. Marinol contains no cannabidiol. Before you spew out more crap about marijuana not being regulated, it is in certain countries with medical marijuana programs. Canada is an example, where government licensed producers grow marijuana according to pharmaceutical standards. You can also look up Epidiolex created by GW Pharma for epilepsy. Epidiolex is a cannabidiol extract and is currently in the approval process with clinical trial data showing promising results.

If you honestly think people turn to medical marijuana for epilepsy for fun, as opposed to the more important task of it trying to keep people alive, you're a bloody moron.