Boycotting the 1936 Berlin Olympics: Should countries, including the United States, have boycotted the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

  • The 1936 Olympics Should Have Been Boycotted

    I believe that countries who disagreed with Adolf Hitler's Nazi beliefs and antisemitism should have boycotted the 1936 Berlin Olympics. While I do understand the arguments for attending the 1936 Olympics and even agree with some of them, I feel like participating sent a message to Germany and the world that even though some countries were against the Nazi regime, they still did not have a problem with giving them money.

  • No. Who cares what Hitler thought?

    No. Political grandstanding is to be expected in the Olympics, and the 1936 games in Germany were no different. The world knew of the political climate they would walk into during those games, but they were right to think that politics should not have had an impact on their respective sport, or the national pride that the Olympic games instilled in people.

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