Boys are more productive than girls in the society

  • Boys are more productive

    This should be an argumentative essay I want you to be really rude because I want to take this for an assignment so this argumentative essay should be very very well taken so that I will be able to write it as soon as I meant so just do this for me thank you

  • We don't need educated women anymore

    There are more men than woman so women aare less productive plus men pee less than women also the balls of a man are adrenal glands are pumping 24/7 and make men work better and faster also if they had cummed that day they will work 20x better than the day before

  • Wage gap myth

    The fact is, Women don't work the same as men do in society, And thus cannot blame the system for "unequal treatment" or underpayment for the same amount of work. Stop acting like women are the victims of "oppression" even though it's nonexistent. Harvard research (feel free to look it up, It's valid) showed that women work less, Take more vacation days, And take less extra work hours. This is NOT just a sexist construct propagated by men, It's the reality.

  • Why would boys be more productive

    To suggest this is just asinine and sexist. If anything, In their teen years girls are more productive simply because boys become distracted with their hormones demanding sexual activity and goofing off. Though when people reach adulthood their productivity is entirely based on character, Not their gender. (Three more words. )

  • Both are equally productive

    Boys and girls are generally equally productive. Gender roles and stereotypes often lead males and females to take on different hobbies and interests. For example, Girls tend to be more into nurturing careers such as medical doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Psychiatrists, And teachers. Sometimes these different jobs have different salaries compared to the more masculine jobs boys tend to take on. This is why the wage gap has been spun and weaved into something that is not reflective of discrimination. In fact, Girls are paid even more than boys for some jobs. In 2016, Sewing machine operators, Fast food prep/servers, Teacher assistants, And counselors. (Source: BLS) Men dominated manager positions in architectural and engineering jobs as well as constructions, But this is mainly because men, On average, Are stronger than women. Boys' physical strength does not reflect work ethic or productivity, Because the majority of their greater strength comes from their advantage of increased testosterone. This makes boys more fit for physical labor like construction. This is mostly why men are chosen for these manager positions, NOT because women are less productive. We need different strengths in our society in order to make capitalism work. Men just tend to take over the more physical ones and get more credit for them.

  • Both are Equal

    Both are equally productive or at least have the potential to be, While yes you have slobs of both sides you also have the hard workers of both sides, In my personal experience a productive person is productive not because of their gender but because of their character or how much they care about what they are doing.

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It depends

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