• Boys makes girls their toys

    They choose their relationship based on their trendy clothes, fashion, appearance and moreover they not choose love they choose their partner based on their beauty quality.They make girls their own toys like babies when the time comes they not interested at all they make a way to leave their toy.

  • It Doesn't Matter Based On Gender

    People will manipulate people. Boys do it, Girls do it, People do it. People make other people their, "toys," and some don't. Gender has nothing to do with it. People are going to do what they want to do, especially in a relationship. It also take two to tango. If one person in the relationship lets the other do it, then they are fine with, "being a toy."

  • And vice versa.

    Boys, girls,.....All the same. There is no real difference.
    People sometimes make other people their toys. And people also sometimes allow others to make toys out of them. It needs two for the relationship. No one can control and manipulate you if you do not allow it. That is the only truth.

  • I agree that some men are stupid and make women their toys. But...

    We need to establish that, just like women, men are very different and not all are sex offenders. Many men seem like perverts or skirt-chasers because of their sexual thoughts or actions. But sex is not a rabid, beastly ritual that men participate in to feel pleasure or power. Real sex (not just intercourse) is equal in the sense that both parties (not JUST male or female... I myself am gay) benefit and gain pleasure, happiness, or just wholeness. RESOLVED.

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