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Especially if that’s not what they’re being taught at home

  Most ppl make up their minds by what they are taught when they were kids at home. Therefore, Being taught good values at school gives the child an opportunity to make their own choices instead of just repeating what has been drilled into their heads at a very young age.
MrFarRight says2021-02-24T01:41:54.540
Do you really think we need feminism in school? School is not for learning morality that is for parents and religious leaders school is for learning how to get a job
PinkWolvz says2021-02-27T18:03:19.150
Not only. What about Physical and Religious education? Or geography?
MrFarRight says2021-02-27T18:51:57.177
Religious education is no role of anyone exempt the parents and religious leaders maybe if its a religious school but you can’t in public schools I don’t want my kids learning the islamic faith just as muslins probably don’t want there kids learning the christain faith
PinkWolvz says2021-02-27T19:35:40.157
I was in a British primary school and we did RE.
MrFarRight says2021-02-27T19:56:45.217
The British suck in the United States was actually deemed by the Supreme Court constitutional for public schools to teach religion or have students pray before class there reason for the decision comes from the freedom of religion clause in the first amendment
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