• It should (all ages)

    Feminism teaches equality and isn’t that what we should be teaching our kids? Instead of teaching them to be a bunch of white privileged males who will dominate society and dominate every area in society? And the woman is just supposed to suck up in a male privileged society? This needs to change starting with teaching feminism to boys in school

  • Especially if that’s not what they’re being taught at home

    Most ppl make up their minds by what they are taught when they were kids at home. Therefore, Being taught good values at school gives the child an opportunity to make their own choices instead of just repeating what has been drilled into their heads at a very young age.

  • Feminism isn't just about women

    Most people's definition of feminism is very wrong. Feminism isn't just about boosting women, It's also about supporting men. I think it is as important as teaching children how to read. It's a very necessary subject to approach with the change of times. There is nothing wrong with teaching girls and boys that despite being different, They are equal and human. Teaching a girl that she can reach all her goals regardless of complexity is just as important as teaching the boy that it's okay to cry, It's okay to feel weak but what matters is what you do about it. Change of mindset ladies and gentlemen.

  • Imagine the opposite

    It doesn't seem too bad originally but if you imagine the opposite it is kinda messed up. Imagine if girls had to forcefully learn about why men are so great and powerful, It would be shut down in a week. Also, Schools are mainly funded by taxes so the idea of me paying taxes to learn about why the other gender is far superior to mine is just ridiculous. (also I am a man so I have a little bias)

  • Women are yucky

    For the most part, Men don't care about women's problems and they shouldn't either, It's their responsibility if they want to do better is society. Modern feminism is all about gaining all the supposed rights they don't have without all the responsibilities. It's an incredibly toxic breeding ground that the mainstream media and political elites have sustained.

  • Teach everyone *about* feminism

    We should be teaching students how to think, Not what to think. Feminism shouldn't be taught as a fact any more than any of the ideologies it conflicts with should be. Rather, Students should be taught *about* all of these ideas without favouring one over another. Teach them how to think, Not what to think.

  • It is very weird

    If boys learn about feminism then they would learn about woman puberty and this would disgust them. Plus I think that boys need to learn about boy stuff and girls need to learn about girls stuff. If girls learn about boys and boys learn about girls, We would disgust us all and we need to learn about our own gender and not learn bout each others.

  • Every gender is equal and fewer rights is illegal.

    Everyone in this country has enough common sense to know that every gender is equal and anything else that guarantees them less rights is illegal men and women have equal rights so there is no need to teach feminism in school if they are not going to teach equal rights for men.

  • While the idea of teaching children to respect the opposing gender is a great idea, You are somewhat incorrect. (reply to positive comments)

    You see, In school they aren't teaching us about dominating society. Therefore, If what you said is correct, Teaching feminism in school (respecting the female gender) without teaching females to respect the male gender is actually sexist. In reality, Kids are actually learning to disrespect women through means of social media.

  • This is why we're devolving as a society.

    Nobody should be forced to learn this bullshit in schools, They're already teaching us enough garbage to the point where as a student I can say with certainty that the pressure of assignments and social status have crushed me into a sociopath. This paired with the addition of bullshit snowflake propaganda will not only have devastating effects on the youth but it will also force kids to grow up soft and not be able to handle the opinions of others. This will very easily lead to censorship, As platforms that don't censor those who oppose propaganda will be losing consumers. People who advocate for this garbage are not only ignorant but they also have a feeling that they're in the right somehow, That what they're doing is morally correct, And they'll think this because they will be learning it at a young age. Long story short, If you think the answer is yes, Go eat shit.

  • I am sympathetic but

    Look the more you nag men the more angry youll make them try to be a bit more gentle in your tactics and youll help your cause more, Lecturing men in this way will make them angry you might get a black eye, Now go get me a beer, Thats a good girl

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ThePaladin says2021-02-23T22:28:26.940
Hate to break it to you, But the reason why kids behave poorly towards females may actually be because of things such as social media.
Foolboy says2021-03-15T18:49:53.473
We shouldn't have to teach them, They should already know to respect others. And if they don't, Oh well. At least we know which ones will be the next Hitler. Hail, Jason doesn't exactly have the same ring to it though.
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