• Yes since they want “crazy girls”

    Let’s give them what they want a psychologically crazy girlfriend that would kill him if she even SUSPECTED that she was even talking to another girl, What if the boy was talking to his mom and she kills her? Oh well maybe that’s how he will learn and he’ll be glad when she’s locked up behind bars and then having no family unless the DAD is still around. Why don’t these boys live their fantasy land till they can’t take it anymore huh?

  • Wisdom and interest

    Younger girls have sometimes less experience. They less interesting as well. Not every time. There are a lot of exceptions of course. Also older girls in most of cases as good as younger, If they take care about yourself. So there is no reason to choose younger girl in most of the cases.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-10-25T01:32:30.430
By "yandere" do you mean lovesick or murderer?
Thor7 says2020-10-25T03:59:47.640
Umm sensitive content should not be shared on this websites. . What do girls think is killing their bfs a last option? . . . Yes ik that Korean girl from that everything has came but this is a true level of mental sickness.

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