• Boys And Men should be given better education

    Yes I think that we should have to give boys and men Better education also men and boys should get attention presents pocket money money also boys and men should be made to feel superior boys and men’s education matters boys and men should be taught to look after numbers one

  • No off course

    Males and females have equal rights to education. Girls and Boys Both should be given equal education. This is not right to give boys better education then girls. Even thinking about it is not right. People's thinking should be changed so that no one can't even think of giving boys better education than girls

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OrangeDoge says2020-07-09T19:15:19.490
Personally, I do not agree with that statement.
Education is an equal right, Granted to any--irregardless of their gender.
Both males and females are able to succeed in school, With little differences between their mental and academic aptitudes.
When given higher education, Boys and girls alike will clearly be able to excel. But, By allowing this right to males alone, We are paving the path of failure for females.

That's not very equal, Yes?

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