Brandeis University Should Publicly Apologize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and to the Secular Community for Caving to Religious Apologists.

Asked by: Weeksie
  • Because Women's Rights are More Important than Iron Age Superstitions.

    Anyone who has heard of or has followed the courageous work of Ayaan Hirsi Ali will know that her fight for women's rights and her criticism of religion in general, and Islam in particular, go hand in hand. For Brandeis University to claim that it was "not aware" of her stance against religion and Islam is unbelievably ignorant, at best, and an outright lie born out of cowardice, at worst.

    The advocates of religious privilege, as well as the ultra left liberal appeasers, have thrown free speech under the bus in favor of cultural relativism. If the school board was in fact as ignorant (and incompetent) as they claim, then they at least should have done a little bit of research on her to make sure she wasn't the apparently unsavory candidate they now think she is. They could have saved themselves a whole lot of embarrassment if they had simply never offered the honorary doctorate in the first place.

    But they didn't. And now they should suffer for it.

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