Brazil World Cup: Is Brazil ready to host both the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics?

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  • They'll make it work.

    With the amount of business that these two events are going to bring in, they'll figure out a way to make it work. Hopefully it won't end up like Sochi in the winter Olympics, but you never really know. Brazil is a beautiful country that has the work ethic to make it work.

  • Too Many Naysayers

    While there is no doubt that you couldn't say that Brazil's preparations for the World Cup have been smooth or without hitch, the media has managed to provide a biased view and made things seem much worse than they actually are.

    It is true that many of the plans set out have not been completed, but they have managed to build the stadiums in time and I'm sure football fans will have a great time within the country. The problems with many of the cities infrastructures and labour is deep seated, but the groundwork has been laid and the extra revenue that the World Cup will bring, will no doubt boost the economy and drive these projects to completion in time for the 2016 Olympics.

    Outsiders just aren't used to the more relaxed Brazilian way.

  • If China can do it.

    Yes, Brazil is ready to host both the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, because if China can pull off the Olympics, Brazil is more than ready. We all speculated, and the media was quite harsh on China, that they were not ready and qualified to host the Olympics. Brazil will do a great job.

  • Probably Not Ready

    Brazil isn't getting the make over like other cities have prior to the Olympics and Brazil is blazing a unique trail before they host the World Cup. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as they are showing alternatives to handle specific situations that affect their people. I think Brazil is being smart and I think they can handle these events, just not in the traditional manner the world is use to.

  • Brazil is sorta a third world country...

    After watching a documentary about Brazil, I was shocked. In the street corners lay predators and crack addicts. People live in slums and I saw a 14 year old, smoking crack like its the end of the world. Also the violent protests by Brazilians about the magnitude of money they spent on the World Cup, rather than more important things, such as better living conditions. Some stadiums haven't even finished building yet. I understand that the above isn't everywhere in Brazil but the police need to protect the tourists coming to watch thew World Cup. Those protesters are looking out for those tourists. Unless Brazil improve security and living conditions, they are unfit to host the World Cup. Same as the Olympics. As long as the problems don't escalate though, they can manage, barely.

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