Breakfast: Texans set miscellaneous milestone: Is this a good idea despite their loss at Tennessee?

  • Yes; the individual achievements are reflective of the team's 2016 performance

    The consistency of Kareem Jackson, DeAndre Hopkins, Shane Lechler, Nick Novak and others have helped propel the Texans to the AFC South title - and a first-round home playoff game against the Oakland Raiders. Despite finishing just 9-7 in the regular season, Houston has to be happy; they were 7-1 at home in 2016 and finished with victories in three of their last four games.

  • It is important to look on the bright side.

    Texans don't do anything small. That is not the way of Texas. So it makes sense that Texas would celebrate reaching a milestone. There is no reason not to loo for the good things, even if a person suffers a loss, for example the loss that Texas suffered at Tennessee.

  • Yes, it is a good idea to set milestone

    Yes, it is a good idea for the Texans to set miscellaneous milestones regardless of a win or loss. If every player is always giving their best on the field then there is always the potential to set and meet milestones for individual performances. This is a good thing to strive for.

  • No, this is not a good idea.

    The game of football is a team sport, and the fact that the Texans lost the game against the Tennessee Titans is really all that matters. Milestones are important, but never so important as winning the game. Winning is, after all, the point of playing the game in the first place, and all milestones that follow are secondary.

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