Breastfeeding in public: Is public breastfeeding a right?

  • Breastfeeding is Natural

    Breastfeeding is a natural process and an important part of child rearing. Breastfeeding should be allowed in public because there is nothing wrong with it and to encourage more mothers to make the better decision for the health of their child and breastfeed. Restrictions on breastfeeding make it more difficult and increase the chance that the mother will never start or stop early, which has a negative impact on the infant.

  • Babies shouldn't have to be in pain from hunger or eat in the restroom!

    Babies can't wait to eat, like older people can. They need to eat when they are hungry, or they will be in pain! Throughout history, women have nursed their babies wherever they happened to be and no one even questioned it until 20th century America. Fortunately, in most of the world, public breastfeeding has always been accepted.

    When I was nursing my babies, it is was not real common, but it is getting more and more common, now. Actually, most Americans have been around a lot more breastfeeding than they realize. That is because it isn't necessary for a mother to show her breasts to everyone around her in order to feed her baby. Many people think a mother who is nursing is just holding a sleeping baby!

    With mine, I just wore loose tops over pants or skirts. When my baby was hungry, I just lifted my shirt up far enough for the baby to latch and then arranged the hem of my shirt around the baby's mouth. Someone who bent down right in front of me and stared intently might have seen a tiny bit of my breast, but that would have been totally inappropriate behavior on THEIR part!

  • No its public nudity

    I am fine with people breastfeeding their babies and understand that its likely a baby might get hungry when the mother is not at home. I however don't see why a mother can't move to a more private place like a restroom in order to breastfeed their baby. The last thing I want to do is have to explain to my 7 year old son why there is a half naked woman in public. I'd like to have that discussion many, many years in the future.

  • "Natural" Doesn't Mean "Appropriate"

    I have heard the argument, ad nauseam, that breastfeeding is a a"natural" thing for a woman to do and therefore it should be permitted in public. Having a bowel movement is also a natural process, but I do not think anyone would like to watch me do it. Do you?

  • Why show your breast(s) to the public?

    Would you want to be in public when suddenly a women takes her breast ou to feed their baby? If a woman if breastfeeding they should put breast milk into a bottle so when the baby needs feeding they can feed them breast milk from a bottle. Public nudity is bad. Would you just drop your bottom layer and underwear in public? If not, then why breastfeed in public. I'm sure you don't want to show your breast(s) to everyone and I'm sure no one else wants to see them.

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