Breastfeeding in public: Should breastfeeding be tolerated?

  • Anyone should be able to breastfeed

    Just because something is gross to someone, doesn't mean it should be banned. The only reason you think it is gross is because you have been sheltered from what it is and taught from a young age to think it is gross and unwholesome. It shouldn't be allowed only because its "natural". Eating food is natural, and people are allowed to do it in public.
    The breast is a part of the body both sexes have, and every part of your body is used for some function. Excretion is something we have banned in public, maybe for its terrible smell or whatever. Sexual acts we have also banned in public, for various reasons, and many people agree with that. But breastfeeding doesn't fall into wither of those categories.

  • Yes, it should be tolerated

    Breastfeeding is not disgusting; it's a perfectly natural way to feed a baby. Trust me, she feels self-conscious enough; she is not doing it to be a spectacle, she's doing it to soothe and sustain her child. If you have a problem with a woman who is breastfeeding her child in public, you are fully capable of turning your head to look away.

  • It's a natural thing.

    Banning public breastfeeding is a typical prudish right-wing ideology that isn't realistic for the sake of "morality". There's nothing immoral about breastfeeding. We are mammals, and mammal mothers feed their babies milk, babies need breastmilk in order to develop properly. The issue from what I understand is that breastfeeding exposes the mother's breast, which is seen as sexual, psychologists say that the only reason men in developed countries are so turned on by breasts is because women always keep them covered and we add appeal by making them taboo. Maybe by having breasts more exposed, men will be less turned on by them and not really care after a while. In terms of breastfeeding exposure, you can't even see her nipple if the baby is sucking on her breast. It's completely natural and should not be an issue.

  • There is nothing wrong with a woman breastfeeding her baby anywhere

    Actually, "tolerated" is the wrong word, because there is nothing wrong with a woman breastfeeding her baby anywhere. The baby needs to be fed, and the mother should not have to go into a private washroom to do it. It is ludicrous to compare breastfeeding in public to being sexual in public. There is a BABY directly involved in the act of breastfeeding for crying out loud, so if breastfeeding is comparable to being sexual, then it must be comparable to pedophilia. Nor can breastfeeding in public be compared to urinating or defecating in public, as eliminating waste in public poses health concerns. In my view, people who make such comparisons with breastfeeding are just scraping in the bottom of the barrel to find weak arguments to justify their prudery.

  • Yes yes yes

    The baby gets many nutrients and helps the baby fight of many different viruses. I agree that breastfeeding is okay to do in public. You can not starve your baby, if he/she needs to eat, FEED IT!!! Feed the baby when needed all the time. People have no right to judge you for feeding your infant.

  • Tits are for children.

    The purpose of breast is to feed children. Grow up. They aren't doing anything unnatural. I'm surprised how many women are against public breastfeeding. I guess they don't understand that their tits are for feeding children first, and sex toys second.
    Americans over sexualize tits. They are just tits. It's skin. Get over yourself.

  • Breastfeeding in Public

    Breastfeeding is simply meeting a baby's needs for nutrition and nurturing, as is bottle feeding--and a babies needs should come first. Even babies deserve to be fed. Breastfeeding poses no threat to public health, so the comparison to biological functions is misleading and absolutely disgusting. If a person has a problem with it, he or she can look away. Get over yourself. I breastfed my five children and never exposed myself. I wore clothing that allowed me to easily breastfeed (but usually not special clothing) and also would nurse my children in a cloth baby carrier/ sling, which permitted me to run errands or houseclean at the same time. We need to support women no matter how they feed their babies and support families. Moms, do what you feel is best for your family and circumstances. No matter what choice you make, someone is going to judge you, but it doesn't matter. Hold your head high! Let's stop these baby wars!

  • Bottle feeding babies do why can't breastfed babies?

    Breastfeeding is made specifically for the baby giving it many uses and has many benefits to the mother as well. Breastfeeding mothers, just like bottle feeding mothers, should be able to feed in public and not only in private. Why should women resort to bonding and feeding her child as nature intended in public bathroom, no adult I know will eat in there why should a baby? On another note research shows breastfeeding isn't only beneficial for the baby and the mother but for the community as well it can save 2.2 billion dollars in medical cost from some places like WIC (women infant children) or from medical visits, breastfeed babies have been proved to get sick less often. Although there are other ways to breastfeed like a pump some people don't understand that sometimes the body rejects the machine and the only way to breastfeed is allowing the baby to eat when it is needed and even though people still think breastfeeding is taboo it is becoming more normal and will eventually be accepted everywhere.

  • If you can eat in public so should a baby

    Breastfeeding is the way babies eat. If others can eat in people, whether their eating habits are gross or not, so should a baby. The baby is not making a mess, showing genitalia, or doing anything wrong by being breastfed. You would not want to go searching for a place to eat if you were hungry and you had food available, and I highly doubt you would like to eat in a bathroom or with a blanket over your head.

    Posted by: GV
  • Breastfeeding is gross.

    I realize that is not politically correct to say this but breastfeeding is gross. If you want to do it for the health benefits, good for you but please go into your car, a bathroom, or a private room. My husband and I were in the middle of a church service when the woman in front of us started breast feeding. I couldn't see anything as she was covered with a blanket but I couldn't focus on the church service either. All I could think about the entire service was that she should be doing that almost any place else.

  • Using the same measures of pro-breastfeeding

    There are plenty of things we do as a species that is natural and healthy part of our biology. On the same basis people use to propose breastfeeding in public I say we can defecate, urinate, have sex, vomit, and walk nudist in public. Don't like it? Well turn away you prude! It's natural and it's you with the problem!

    - See it doesn't work like that. Sure breastfeeding is natural but that doesn't mean it's not disgusting. There's nothing perverse about releasing your bladder either but that doesn't make it right does it?

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