Breastfeeding in public: Should/is breastfeeding be legal/protect?

  • Breastfeeding is normal.

    You know it's a breast people ! Point is babies need them more than adults. I think blobs are pretty but It doesn't bother me if a woman has to breastfeed , I would give her privacy by not looking .. We are so prude sometimes , The breast milk is much better than the canned crap they make any way. If we can handle gay pride we can handle some breastfeeding

  • Breast feeding is not sexual, it is the best way to feed a baby.

    I believe it should be illegal to harass a breast feeding mother.Many of us have had babies, all of us were babies - they are quite literally our future. There is something wrong with a society that cannot accept the natural nurturing process of it's offspring. A fed baby is generally content, quiet and soon falls asleep - It is quite possible to feed a baby in the middle of a restaurant and yet be totally discreet. Why are we quite happy to watch models/pop stars wearing barely anything and being intentionally and overtly sexual yet some of us feel uncomfortable having a mother breast feed nearby?

  • Yes it should.

    Breastfeeding in public should be legal and protected. Breastfeeding is a natural thing and a very important way that infants get their nutrition. If people do not like it then they have the choice to remove themselves from the situation. People need to get over themselves who are protesting this.

  • Breastfeeding should not be illegal.

    I think that it says a lot about our current society that we are so prudish that breastfeeding is considered scandalous and is under consideration for being illegal at all. No, breastfeeding should not be illegal. I doubt we need to go so far as to protect it under law, but honestly, this is just silly.

  • The baby comes first

    An infant has the right to eat, regardless of where and when it is done (The Convention on the Rights of the Child). When a mother is forced to feed her child formulas in public she is risking her child's health. If she were to breastfeed where ever she wanted, she would be offering her child so many more health benefits. Numerous studies conducted around the world have also shown that babies that are breastfeed have fewer stomach viruses, lower respiratory illnesses, fewer ear infections, lower rates of meningitis, fewer childhood leukemias and other cancers, no diabetes, less respiratory illnesses, less diarrheal illnesses, less allergies and obesity. Formula substitutes do not provide as many health benefits for a baby such as the ones listed above. Breastfeeding also provides so many opportunities for a mother and her child to physically and emotionally bond. Most of the bonding occurs when a baby is actually latched onto its mother’s breast. A hormone called oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus, which is located mother’s and child’s brain (Oxytocin is a hormone that can be involved in cuddling or when people are being social) Oxytocicn can also be passed on from the mother to the baby by the milk being given. Basically the more oxytocin produced the more guarantee a mother is going to interact with her child. The more interaction between the pair the more likely neurons/hormones in a baby are going to be produced, allowing him or her to thrive in it’s environment. Emotional bonds can actually be developed by physical bonds that create comforting hormones. Emotional development/security/trust between a mother and child help produce more oxytocin Basically physical bonds and emotional bonds go hand in hand.

  • No it should not.

    Why is public nudity illegal yet public breast feeding is not. It IS public nudity and anyone who disagrees is an idiot. Who would want people to have seen their mothers breasts. No sane person does. And public breast feeders show WAY more than anyone in a bra or something.

  • Nope, keep it private

    Have some respect for other people's points of view. Your freedom only goes as far as when it infringes on another's. For example, if you smoke and that smoke bothers someone else, then either put it out or move far enough away where you do not bother others with your smoking

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