Breastfeeding in public: Should women breastfeed in public?

  • Needs of an Infant Come First

    I think that women should be prepared to breastfeed if they are opting to nurse a baby organically. Whenever it is time for a baby to be fed, its mother should be able to feed the baby and public place or not, that need overrides personal modesty or quaint ideals of decency.

  • well kinda i guess

    i wouldn't say women should just breastfeed in public more than half of the time, but if the mother takes precaution to avoid breastfeeding in public there should be no problem. I have no problem with public breast feeding because it's simply feeding a child. It's the same thing as taking out a bottle.

  • They should but privately.

    I think women shouldn't breastfeed in public because it honestly makes a lot of people uncomfortable because they aren't that interested in sitting next to a mom that has part of their breast exposed and also, how hard is it to just go to the bathroom? It would make more sense to just go to the bathroom instead of making a big deal out of it can be said as being an asshole. Also, don't just go on and say it is "natural." You know what else is natural? Masturbation. And I doubt you would be comfortable sitting next to a person masterbating.

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