Breeder reactors: Do breeder reactors represent the future of energy?

  • Breeder Reactors One Way to Get More Fissible Material

    Breeder reactors are specifically designed to make fissionable nuclear material for larger reactors. As such, these smaller reactors represent a technological milestone in our quest for better, cleaner energy sources. Breeder reactors are one part of the energy solution for America and for developing countries. Any advancements for nuclear energy should be sought after for efficient use of our planet's resources.

  • Technological innovation will make nuclear energy safe

    The main argument against nuclear energy use today is that it is dangerous. With past meltdowns such as in Chernobyl and disasters such as Fukushima, there is much reason to be fearful of nuclear energy. However future technologies will mitigate the dangers and create an environment that will welcome nuclear technology. Then breeder reactors will be dominant, as their ability to produce more fissile material than they require will make them the most efficient of energy sources to extract.

  • They are not.

    Breeder reactors in no way, shape or form represent the future of energy. The future of energy is in solar power, and more and more people will see this as the technology for them increase. The power of the sun is renewable and is able to provide way more power then we currently use.

  • No, they are old science.

    No, breeder reactors do not represent the future of energy, because they are not efficient. A lot of money and time has been put in to developing breeder reactors, but that does not mean that they are the future of energy. The future of energy will be a hybrid of coal and nuclear energy, along with the various green energies that are available today. The breeder reaction is not the future.

  • Breeder reactors do not represent the future of energy.

    Breeder reactors are not safe and they do not represent the future of energy. After the nuclear disasters in Japan, no one has much faith in the future of nuclear energy. Now is the time to develop new, safe, and sustainable sources of energy for the future of our species.

  • Breeder reactors do not represent the future of energy.

    Breeder reactors do not represent the future of energy. This process makes nuclear energy safer and better but the term nuclear energy already has a bad rap. Nuclear energy is very costly to produce and is not safe for the environment. Nuclear energy is also dangerous to mine for the products that make it work. This is not the way to go with newer technology for energy.

  • Not Politically Viable

    Breeder reactors are a potentially wonderful source of renewable and green energy to power the planet. However, in today's political climate, discussions of adding new sources of nuclear energy are virtual non-starters because of ill informed associations with nuclear power. So although the technology is brilliant, I see it taking a back seat to other renewable sources.

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