Brendan Fraser makes a comeback: Will Fraser be a big star for a second time?

  • Yes, his fans really miss him.

    Momentum means a lot in Tinseltown, especially when it comes to a good comeback story. In Fraser's case, there's some reason to believe that he may land on his feet again, maybe even better than George of the Jungle would've managed. With The Affair offering him an all-new sort of screen personality, and reactions to the Fraser-less Mummy reboot showing some nostalgia for his participation in that franchise, there's a chance his next starring vehicle could be the next step in his turnaround trend.

  • There's no reason why not.

    Brendan Fraser has shown that he is a far more talented actor than many people would have perceived him to be in the 1990s when he was at the nadir of his show business career. His aptitude for acting as well as his huge personal popularity among the public will ensure that his comeback will be successful.

  • Brendan Fraser will be a big star again.

    Brendan Fraser will be a big star again. He is both handsome and funny which makes him an easily likable guy. He also has the advantage of haven taken some time off which allows him to redesign himself for his return and makes it so that fans are not sick of him.

  • He was never that famous.

    Brendan Fraser was famous because he was young and good looking. He was never famous because he was a great actor. Someone who is famous because they are young and good looking is not the kind of person who will be famous when they try to make a comeback 20 years later.

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