• He was simply a soldier

    Brenton Tarrant was and is just a soldier, He might not be fighting in open conflict against one or more specific nations. But make no mistake those whom he neutralized were hostile invaders from foreign lands. In that house was preached values of sharia, Of the destruction of western civilization, Of the replacement and domination of a new muslim world order.

  • Yes he did

    Did you hear about the Muslim radical killing 40 people in a New Zealand protestant church?
    NO I only heard about some messed up white guy killing 51 people in a 2 mosque. The ages were from 3 to 77 years old. He killed children and elderly who had their backs turned and were praying.

    The muslim radicals are in the middle east. Why did your hero not join the army or volunteer to go and kill the actual enemy? Like a nation composed of progressive atheists and Christians would accept SHARIA. That only exists in the minds of the mentally ill.

    Those radical groups that you Sven dream about in fear every night were created by the CIA. How did they get american weapons? How is it that they were trained?
    They were made to fight Russia, But then the group that the CIA created turned against its masters. 911 was an American inside job that made vulnerable weak minded people like you hate arabs and want to enlist all to get the oil and central banks to be american.

    Brenton and you are meer pawns that the government want to turn into domestic terrorists. Don't be a puppet Sven.

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