• Yes, I think he knows.

    Oh, come on, that's not fair; David Davies is very clear in his own mind as to what Brexit means.
    Trouble is, what he thinks Brexit means, or should mean, isn't what Boris Johnson thinks it should mean. Or what Liam Fox thinks. Or what Philip Hammond thinks. Or Amber Rudd, Chris Grayling, Priti Patel or Greg Clarke.
    They've all got their own ideas and preferences. What they lack is a common, agreed position, which is why, due to a mixture of ignorance, vainglory and egotism, the government is left floundering and is now making a substantial Horlicks of the process.

  • He has a handle on it.

    Brexit was and continues to be a big deal. It is the defining moment in Britain for not only the year, but also likely for a generation. David Davis knows this. Anyone in a position of leadership knows about issues of the day so that they can offer guidance to anxious people that they lead.

  • No, he doesn't

    David Davis doesn't seem to completely grasp the implications of Brexit, and furthermore is engaging in a Trump-like campaign to blame others and avoid responsibility at all costs. Davis maintains "it's not in the national interest" to reveal plans for Brexit. So, he may not really have a concrete plan at this point, and even if he does, the fact that he doesn't want to reveal it doesn't speak well of him.

  • No, David Davis, we can't have our cake and eat it too.

    David Davis has insisted that the Brexit can be put into effect while maintaining single market access, and that the benefits to U.K. sovereignty promoted by pro-Brexit campaigners can be obtained without offsetting costs. He assumes that leaders in Brussels, Paris and Berlin will be willing to allow the U.K. similar preferential access to the common market without committing to the responsibilities of E.U. governance. Both before and after the Brexit vote, however, continental governments sent clear signals that Britain would receive no special favors in exit negotiations. Indeed, European leaders have every incentive to make the process as costly and painful as possible in order to discourage further centrifugal impulses elsewhere on the continent.

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