• He is a leader.

    Nigel Farage can bring his ideas to the United States and spread them. He has a willing audience, since the United States just voted for Trump, and in doing so, proved that they, too are interested in anti-statism. Farage motivated the people with a grass roots effort, and he can bring that enthusiasm to U.S. voters.

  • I don't think NIgel Farage's move to the US will help.

    Brexit is destined to be a disaster for the UK. Hyper nationalism and isolationism have resurfaced across the globe and could be very dangerous. We saw how Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan rose to power and the war that resulted from it. Pride in ones country is natural and healthy, but extreme nationalism can be dangerous as we've seen historically.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Wait, so the immigrant hater Farage who helped manipulate the British into leaving Europe by scapegoating immigrants wants to become an immigrant and take a job from an American?! Perhaps he feels he's done all he can in the UK, and it's time to let others take up the reigns there...

  • No, Brexit leaders will not be helpful in the U.S.

    No, it is not good for the U.S. to have Brexit leader Nigel Farage moving to the country. There are enough narrow-minded people involved in politics. There is no need for another individual likely to appeal to large numbers of people who are willing to believe any change is good without understanding the in's and out's of the situation.

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