Brexit leader Nigel Farage: Should the Donald Trump give the Brexit leader, Nigel Farage, a role in his administration?

  • Yes, I think so.

    It is very obvious that Farage has good personal chemistry with Trump but the stuffy, jealous Westminster establishment are too stupid to make good use of this. Nigel is worth more than all of Mrs May's acolytes put together. Nigel Farage could be the man who restores relations between America and Britain to the levels we had when Reagan occupied the White House.

  • I don't think Nigel Farage should have a role in Trump's administration.

    Giving Nigel Farage a role in Trump's cabinet could be dangerous as it could lead to more isolation and hyper nationalism in the US. These are very dangerous movements and should be avoided. Working with other nations in fair trade is what strengthens a country, not isolation and protectionism like Brexit and Donald Trump will bring.

  • Nigel Farage is not American.

    I am astonished that people are even asking if Farage can have a role in Trump's administration. I don't like either of them, but that's not why I am astonished. Farage is the citizen of another country. Granted it's the UK, but since when were non-Americans allowed to be a part of the American government?

  • He is not American.

    Farage is new to the United States. It would not be appropriate to welcome him in and then ask him to start running the country. Farage can do great work, but it needs to be for a private organization. Trump does not need to acknowledge his efforts one way or the other.

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